Through Spiritual Eyes . . .

spiritual eyes

It’s Wednesday, folks! So, you don’t have to ask what day it is . . . ’cause it’s Hump Day!

Feeling a little bit “chipper” today as things in my personal life continue developing. I often pray that I have made the right choices nowadays. There was a time when I didn’t care as much as I do now only because I didn’t see the spiritual side of things in life. Last weekend, my youngest nephew proudly presented his first son to Pastor Ferguson at Kingdom of God Ministries International to be christened. It was a big moment for he and the son’s mother, Selena. We all rallied around them to show support and to illustrate that “it takes a village to raise a child.” While some folks may not embrace religion, to each his own, I was proud to see that my nephew embraces something OTHER than what many youngsters his age embrace. He is seeking to develop a relationship with his Creator and was asking for guidance in raising his newborn son! I was proud to be there.

Over the years, I have sought to develop a more spiritual approach to life because it allows me the freedom to be peaceful in the midst of a storm. It reminds me of the story from the Bible when Jesus slept and the disciples in the tiny boat with him watched the storm gain momentum to dangerous proportions. The disciples worried so much, the story goes, that they woke Jesus up to tell him that the waters had gotten extremely turbulent. Jesus used this as a teaching lesson as he quieted the storm by commanding the elements to be at peace! Can we do the same? Isn’t that a valuable lesson, whether you believe the “story” or not? Recently, I have come into some stormy situations and I watch myself carefully and quietly so as NOT to over react; in fact, to call upon that peace-filled realm within. This is the goal for my practicing yoga as well as learning to be more diligent in my meditation. I seek opportunities to utilize the “third eye”, which allows me to absorb spiritual energy and see life through less harsh material eyes! Do you know what I mean?!

As we just witnessed the closing of the trial of The State of Florida vs. Dunn, the white American male who fired ten shots into an SUV occupied by four African American teenaged boys, it seems that the jury got this one “mo’ better” than the Zimmerman jury did! As I chatted with a good friend about this, we both came to the conclusion that there must’ve been someone on that jury who felt that those teen boys’ lives were just as if not MORE important than vigilante Dunn’s life is. I had many readers when I followed the Zimmerman trial with Educational Excellence and the blog. In fact, as I viewed the statistics of how many people read the blog pieces, there were days when it had tripled! In following some of the interview with Zimmerman these past few days, it is clear that his remorse is “showmanship” and that something is still bothering him deeply. Yet, he refuses to embrace the spiritual imbalance in his OWN behaviour when he attacked Trayvon. He still says Trayvon attacked him in spite of the fact that he followed, got out of his vehicle and pursued this young teen. He still refuses to see what he meant when he said, “They always get away!” There are people, even in materialistic America, where spirituality is becoming more and more important, and, who can see our world and our behaviour . . . through spiritual eyes! How about you!?

Take time each day to reflect on those spiritual values, if you will, that will enable you to see the loving, peaceful more spiritual elements of our lives!


John I. Cook, Director

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