Much Ado About EVERYTHING!!

USA 2014

Happy Friday, All!

And as if you didn’t know, T.G.I.F.! I always try to give credit where credit is due … do you?!

This is still Black History Month and it makes me proud to see how far “many” Americans have come. Now, there are still others whom I wonder about … not that it makes much difference to those folks!! For example, I was on the popular social network, Facebook, the other day and noticed a few comments about “killing the POTUS!” So, I went to the page where people were posting these horrifically stupid comments. It was a page with the American flag waving on it and it was entitled something like “the New American”. There were like over 100 comments saying that “we” should impeach Obama, fire Obama, and then several went on saying that he should be assassinated!!! There were people living in this country who had obviously taken the concept of “freedom of speech” to the absurd!! So called, “NEW Americans” …. So I commented, “To all you cowards writing this crap, why don’t you just do it and stop talking so much! Are you afraid of something?!?” I didn’t wait to see any responses but over the past few days, I didn’t see anyone had replied to my comment … though I didn’t look too hard … because I don’t care what they might respond!!

So, here we are preparing for the Winter Olympics 2014 being held in Sochi, Russia. We all know that Putin has given Snowden, the American who “exposed” the USA’s spying tactics on its very own citizens, asylum there. He is running Russia, of course, very much like a dictator might. Now, there are multiple reports of terrorists plots to disrupt the Winter Olympics there ranging from a female suicide bomber who is on the loose to forbidding people to bring things like toothpaste tubes onto an “unchecked” bag on flights traveling there! I wonder, don’t people have anything better to do with themselves? I mean, get a life!!!

I don’t think we’ve experienced anything like this since the Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany with Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler at the helm of that sinking ship!! Correct me if I am wrong. It was said that Hitler “snubbed” Jessie Owens who won multiple medals, including the cherished Gold medal. Yet, after a bit of research, I discovered that perhaps that hype was over-played a bit, too, because Hitler didn’t “shake hands” with ANY of the athletes who won, but did take the opportunity to acknowledge them, which he didn’t do regarding Mr. Owens. Furthermore, it was said that each time Jessie entered the Olympic stadium to participate in an event, the crowd went “wild”!! I wasn’t there but I did watch some of the clips and could hear the thunderous cheering when Owens procured the Gold medal for one or two events. But today, during Black History Month, we’ve got so-called “Americans” posting stuff IN this country about doing away with our first African American president!! Some folks seem to live to find fault with others rather than taking care of their own issues.

In conclusion, I’d like to suggest that with the threats of terrorists attacks that we still support ALL of our athletes participating there as we do not want to give too much power to those who issued such threats. As well, I think that the POTUS is doing some excellent things to assure the safe removal of our athletes should they come into danger at this 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! Besides, Russian authorities, officials and Putin need to keep things “ship shape” for athletes much like was expected of Hitler during the Summer Olympics held in Berlin!


John I. Cook, Director

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