Do What You Have To Do … With Peace and Love!

A walk in my shoes

What day is it?! It’s Hump Day, y’all!!!

Whatever you do, just make it “funky”!! Lyrics from James Brown following the infamous “Hump Day” Camel’s quote! What do you have going on today? Is it positive? Is it drama free? Does it include peace and love?! Well, of course, to each his own. Since this is my life, bestowed upon me by My Creator via my parents … who did a great job of raising me, I am going to make it as positive and peaceful as possible!

Have you ever wondered why one sibling might view a parent one way, while the other sibling views a parent a different way? Does a parent’s behaviour determine who the child will be? Now, I am taking some of you back to the “nature vs. nurture” dichotomy commonly used in social science to describe why children turn out to be a specific type of adult. For example, I am sure that many of you may have heard about the POTUS’s half brother (same father, the Kenyan, different mothers) and his journey as he is set to release his semi-autobiography this Black History Month. Let me fill in the blanks.

Mark Ndesandjo Obama, though he has decided to drop the last name, has not only moved to China to live, and done rather well for himself … as we say, also has written a book which has been termed a semi-autobiography! It seems that both boys were born around the same time, but Barack’s mother stayed in the USA, Hawaii and even Indonesia, while Mark’s mother re-married after divorcing Barack Obama, Sr. The fact that Mark lived with his father and mother during his youth in Kenya has given him an entirely different take on the same man, as compared to what Mark speculates to be Barack’s idolization of the same father. Problem is, according to Mark, that he witnessed his Kenyan father getting drunk and abusing his Jewish Massachusetts born American school teacher wife during the wee hours of the night and morning! He was so moved by the difference in the two boys’ description of the same man that he decided to write a book. In fact, according to Mark, Barack was sometimes very cold. He said at one point, that Barack told him to go off and do what he had to do because he (Barack) would be alright. So, again, according to Mark, that is exactly what he is doing!

Have you ever experienced such a situation as a sibling or even as the “parent” that one kid loves and the other one could easily do without?! Very interesting situation to be in which requires a lot of self analysis and self love … maybe even self talk … and a semi-autobiography. I know that in my own family, each of the four are pretty unique and different in our own ways. While two of us have expired rather violently, if you will, two of us – one boy and one girl – remain to carry on the Cook family name. My take on this is in the title: “Do what you have to do . . . with peace and love!” The choice is yours, choose wisely!

Have a great day, namaste!


John I. Cook, Director

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