Celebrating Black History Month 2014

BHM 2014

It’s Monday . . . can you say Happy Monday?!

Well, I am working on it! It’s Black History Month again … the entire month of February. The theme this year, which is established by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, is “Civil Rights in America.” You know, when I listen to those words and think about what it means, I wonder why such a notable country as ours with a shorter history than our European counterparts, still has to discuss citizens struggling for civil rights! I mean with advanced technology and studying the universe and the planets, one might think that we are able to “advance” with our social organization, too! This is one of the reasons for so many humanitarian groups in this country as we continue to get the attention of our leaders and politicians in our efforts to keep the focus on the citizens of the United States of America . . . ALL of them!

The Super Bowl Game yesterday in New Jersey at the well known Met Life Stadium was spectacular to say the least! The pre-game show was tremendous as it offered insight into the lives of the many performers. I even enjoyed the POTUS’s handling of Bill O’Reilly as he “tried to put words” into the president’s mouth! The POTUS commented at one point: “You know, with all due respect Bill, people believe all this stuff that people like you in the media and the press keep conjuring up to make it sound like I am trying to cover up something!” Most people today talk first and think later . . . Doesn’t sound like a bright approach to handling ANY situation, let alone if you are the POTUS!

I was also happy to see Queen Latifah singing “America, The Beautiful” as well as opera star also from stateside, Renee Fleming, and her rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” I don’t know if anyone noticed but the predominant theme in the Super Bowl programming involved themes and even colors relating to this country. It was a bit patriotic, as the game itself was in New Jersey while much of the celebrations were in New York City! I think the people there, like in Boston, demonstrated that they will not be stopped by any terrorist activities from enjoying the liberties like a Super Bowl here in the USA!

In closing today, I am suggesting that we the people get in tune with the theme of Black History Month by supporting local charities and national organizations as well as visiting some of the many many presentations in place to celebrate this month!

Be well … namaste!


John I. Cook, Director

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