For The Love of The Universe

Universal Love
It’s Monday, All!

Yes, I am not on my way to work and I have a truck load of errands to run and an interview scheduled for 1PM. So, I am feeling “the love of the universe” today, too! Change has a way of growing on you, provided you see the importance of it in ones life. Things change all around us … so … why not us!? I am one for routine and a regular schedule to follow each day. Occasionally, in my past, I have had the privilege of setting my own hours when I had the support of an employed wife at the time. I worked out in the gym, I worked on my writing as I finished self publishing two books. I also worked on myself at that time, as I was struggling with a couple of demons based in my self doubt.

So, nowadays, I don’t give that notion any “space in my head” and do all I can to schedule it OUT of my life. Today, I know there is no place for that in my life, thank God. It’s a long story that can be called “being at peace with myself.” Now I also know that everybody is different, some of us have skills in business, others in engineering and mathematical concepts, while there may be those like me … a people person/life coach/facilitator type of individual. While most people know that there is diversity amongst humans in general, we occasionally find ourselves judging one another for not having skill or talent in another particular area. This diversity is part of Creation just as those creatures in nature reflect a tremendous illustration of diversity. I remember one sermon that Pastor Bob of Calvary Chapel gave in which he talked about the diversity of people who are believers can be compared to the diversity in individual’s footwear! What a great illustration.

I continue working towards building Educational Excellence though the momentum has been shifted while I seek to fill in some of the “holes” in an already tight personal budget caused by my job loss. Many of you folks remind me of those in a “church” with members helping each other in good times and in bad times. In fact, I believe it was Saturday as I finished yoga and sat in the jacuzzi at the gym to relax from a stressful week when I had this revelation. It was simple, it was sweet … and it was powerful as I felt the love of the universe embrace me and let me know that “it” – the universe – cared and welcomed me along this phase of my journey. Thank you so much, kindred spirits, for your help and support. Fear comes to me when I feel alone while being faced with great challenges, change or tasks. While I am often a loner, I do appreciate and enjoy good, positive peaceful company … even in cyber space!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue along this changing road of my life! For the Love of the Universe!


John I. Cook, Director

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