Feel It

Feeling BeautyMonday, Monday … yes, you’ve come again! I welcome “you.”

Interesting weekend for me personally. So much “love” coming out from several friends who are stepping up to help me with building Educational Excellence and applying for the 501(c)3. You see, I know some of you have your own situations to deal with, as do I, so I understand. As well, I am quietly touched by the donations received thus far. Any additional donations will be confidential and appreciated. It was just so nice to feel the warmth and generosity of those who have come through. Thank you. I feel it!

While the New Year has begun, I find myself beginning new approaches to things in my life and, seeking to put major projects in order. Of course, I am going on intuition, faith, confidence … and you guessed it, hard work! I am sharing things with the readers because as I do, I am hoping to shed some light on other’s circumstances, challenges … even successes! I find that opening up with my experiences creates a flow to my life that is pretty important, yes … it is a way of life for me. At this time, I am feeling multiple stimuli … on a spiritual level. You know, I do yoga and try to stay fit because I believe that this helps my thought process and general stream of consciousness to stay positive and thirsty for growth and opportunities to contribute. As I embrace this New Year’s flow, from divine messages from my mother through an old photograph of her that resurfaced from a photo shoot before her passing to a strong message of encouragement, drive and support sent by Mom through a young lady from my hometown. Greta Samuels-Mitchell saw the photo and “contacted” me via social network. I am staying open to feel more direction, gain more clarity, and put together some good projects and work this year.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know, or just know that you are not alone, nor do I feel that way. It is a bit mystic, and, one has to be like “water” and go with the flow while taking the initiative to direct the flow. I mean, I know the world shouldn’t be full of “me types”, nor should it be full of “you types.” I think there is a design to what we each are and there is room for each of us. Yet, I do feel obligated to mention that I see a common characteristic, or denominator which needs to be acknowledged – that we all should embrace some spiritual based beliefs. There are some universal truths I think we could share … like love or charity, truth, forgiveness, humility, peace … and progress, if you like. Just thinking out loud. But, I am feeling it … It’s kind of like approaching a spiritual portal while anticipating and searching for knowledge, in whatever form it may come, and remaining open to learn more, something different maybe. Mystical.

So, I hope your Mondays go smoothly and as you need it. If you ever feel something pushing you from inside, and it could be a spiritual message behind it, check it out! By the way, feel free to pass me around like you might a jar of hearty Concord grape jelly! Everything is covered about Educational Excellence in the links below my signature from blog entries to Pay Pal and the website for “Know Thyself.” Thank you … each of you!


John I. Cook, Director

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