Keep It Moving!

Negative VibesYes, it is Monday, All!

I guess we could say the first Monday of 2014. I can only tell you that while I have set several goals for this year, I am steadily working on them one at a time. Of course, when and where I can multitask, I do!

Interestingly enough, as is common when one sets goals and makes progress, many negative elements tend to “rear their ugly heads!” For me, Educational Excellence is a way of life.  It is a combination “life coaching”/reminder vehicle for things that many of us may already know but simply need reinforcement. Thusly, today’s topic is indeed, “Keeping It Moving!”

Have you ever felt that way … ? I mean, the harder you try to progress in a positive direction, naysayers and “haters” as they have come to be called, somehow find their way onto your path of positivity. On occasion, I have found myself really focusing on a variety of “lessons” I’ve learned over the years, from “letting go and letting God” to “Keep it simple stupid!” I’ve noticed that sometimes when I am not sure of what the next step is or solution for a circumstance I may have encountered, that if I simply “go with the flow,” things turn out unexpectedly better. You know, some people will be negative and doubtful about “others” and attempt to infest “others” with that energy. That doesn’t mean that you have to “hate” back or talk negative about them. It means that you simply defend your position, allowing them to keep theirs if they like, and moving on from that particular “drama.”

I try to stay close to my friends and we exchange positive energies, anecdotes and alternatives and ideas. There are some of you, and I am not judging anyone here, who send me notices (as I mentioned once before) if I overlooked getting an e-mail to you as part of the e-mail family of Educational Excellence. I try to maximize my marketing options using the popular social network as well as e-mails. I haven’t gotten into “tweeting” just yet! All I know, is, that in spite of an occasional parking ticket or conflicting notifications from the IRS, I plan to keep it moving …. FORWARD!

Have a great week!


John I. CookEmoji, Director

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