Back To Basics in 2014

buddha channel

Happy Friday, All!Our first Friday of 2014 and I am feeling grateful! Happy New Year to each of you!!! Of course, I know that there are folks that may not entertain the idea of “self help” perhaps because they have not needed any assistance with any problems thus far in their lives. I tip my hat to those folks! Most people that I have known or know now, or have met over the years, have experienced some degree of how important it is for someone in their inner circle of friends and associates to need to embrace “self help” techniques. Some turn to visits to psychiatrists or therapists, while others need more medically oriented “help.” Still others may be vegan or practice holistic medicine or even alternative treatment and medicines, not to mention meditation and yoga in its various forms. Another group, and I have known a good number of people like this, turn to the martial arts for discipline and deeper understanding of a more spiritual approach to life.

I am sure that by now, those of you who look forward to these e-mails and actually read them, are aware of what Educational Excellence seeks to do. The pieces I write and send, and I thank those of you who support me on Facebook, are spiritual in nature while touching on day to day events that we may not notice contain spiritual messages and teachings. As well, EE is prepared to deliver presentations and motivational talks on a variety of topics from “Overcoming Obstacles” to “Driving While Black.” I even have a workshop that I’ve done a few times for “New Arrivals to the USA.” I thank each of you for your continued readership and support. I have renewed my registration with, the component in Florida that registers small businesses and “doing business as” entities as well. I am opening an account for Educational Excellence and am preparing another fundraising opportunity, hopefully this time with a “Pay Pal” option. While embracing the new marketing and fundraising approaches, I seek to continue to keep EE a bit “Bohemian” or “grass roots!” That way “we” don’t commercialize spirituality.

On New Year’s Day, I often make an effort to send texts or exchange phone calls with long time friends just to make sure they know I want to be “connected” in the coming year. I spoke with a guy I grew up with in the Projects, Marvin Wiggins, and a good friend of ours who was the best man in my first wedding, John Young. Another friend of mine from my earliest writing days in SoFlo named Stokely Gittens came through town and left a kind donation for EE as he visited his immediate family for the Holidays, too. Still a fourth friend from New York, Gordon Derouseau, had sent a generous donation to “us” at EE but the address was wrong and it was returned. He called me to say he would send it out again. Using a “Pay Pal” account in fundraising may eliminate lost mail and make it easier for those who want to donate to do so. Thanks for that tip, too, Stokely!
So, as the New Year ensues, and I’ve seen all kinds of thoughts from not making resolutions to making only one – to love oneself more – I seek to chart and continue my journey. Rocki Roland who owns and operates “Yogababe Studios” in Hollywood sent me an article yesterday about the wonders of the pineal gland and the “third eye”. Feel free to send me information you think I might enjoy or even disseminate to others, and, of course, feel free to let me know if you would like to be removed from the e-mail family of Educational Excellence. Another big shout out to Maureen Shimmon Leon of Miami who got the ball rolling with her donation nearly 3 months ago to assist in getting a 501(c)3 status for EE this coming year. Thanks so much for your votes of confidence.
Have a great weekend, be well, and namaste!
Peace,John I. CookEmoji, Director

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