Be Enlightened – 2014


Happy Monday, y’all!Some of you might be thinking, “When is he gonna be happied out?!”  No worries, I wonder myself sometimes.  I really wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this topic as a New Year’s Resolution or Christmas/Kwanzaa gift … even a late Chanukah present if you prefer.  But it is something that I wish for all my friends, perhaps, even my enemies … that they be enlightened.Educational Excellence’s motto is “Know Thyself,” and, that concept or axiom is very similar to being enlightened.  There is a balance, I believe, to this experience called “life.”  Most people don’t like to think about this and definitely do not like talking about it.  I have noticed that people are more comfortable reading about this subject and writing about it.  This balance I’ve been referring to is the acknowledgement that there are forces of good and forces of evil on this planet.  We could discuss for centuries where they come from but if you observe the history of human kind as well as our direction as a civilization, we can clearly see that there have been some mistakes made.  Perhaps you may disagree with me on this as well.  Perhaps, “you” can explain why there is a deterioration of cultural values, those values that still seek to do “right” as opposed to “wrong” – another discussion that could go on for centuries or more with some people I know!My father used to come up with the darnest of “observations” in our home and with the kids.  He noticed stuff like … If me or my brother or sister said we couldn’t find something in the refrigerator or in the kitchen shelves, he would simply say, “Bend your back!”  Now you had to be sharp to understand that what he meant was that it was on the lower shelves and we had to bend down to see it!  His favorite saying or reply when I would tell him I finally understood what was developing in a certain situation like something in college or in a relationship, was, “That’s common sense!”

So, in contemplating what your resolution might be, I offer up a bit of “enlightenment”, however you choose to receive it.  Make 2014 the best darn year yet and keep it positive!  Don’t be afraid of change in your life or others.  It is the only constant in life.  Be well, Happy New Year 2014 ….
John I. CookEmoji, Director

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