“Tough It Out!”

Tough It OutHappy Friday, All!

“Yes indeedy!”, as my friend “Petey” used to say, T.G.I.F.! As we approach the last days of 2013, I am sure that thoughts may be swirling around in our heads as we wonder what we could’ve done better. Moving forward into a New Year is often an opportunity to revise a previous plan, noting where improvements are needed. Most people today are finding that to look back too long can cause one to lose focus on ones goals, as well as direction. Perhaps, a goal may need tweaking and may require some help and expertise from someone who has experience. Other times, one may just have to tough it out.

Some television networks have begun to show clips of “The Year in Review,” which highlight the most memorable, often the most horrible, as well as the most emotional moments of this past year. I am sure that many may have “clips” of their own that replay in ones own mind, highlighting those things we can do better. This past Christmas was a change for me, since my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, came from Connecticut to visit, and, we all visited my sister in Port St. Lucie, FL. While trying to “move forward” so to speak, I found that there were some “new” things we had to learn about each other. It is easier to look outside of our “inner circle” and find something to preoccupy our attention though it (our attention) may better serve us if we focused on ourselves or that “inner circle”.

Have you ever heard the expression “Tough It Out!” before? This might be easier said than done. This past year, I personally have focused on spiritual conditioning which is a very important part of the human journey, methinks! One may see challenges in ones own life and make them bigger than life. This is where the conditioning comes in for me, developing the awareness of the spiritual threshold and where it may lead us next. This past year, a good friend passed away and I know it had a tremendous impact on his family. While celebrating Christmas this year with the remaining fragments of our extended family, which is basically my sister and I and our offspring, I became aware of some valuable lessons. We wanted to come together again and this was highlighted by my only offspring coming to visit us here in Florida. Her cousins rallied round her to make her visit fun and each of us continued working on our own destinies while experiencing and enjoying the “holy days” together. Yesterday was the first day of Kwanzaa as well as a “holy day” for countries in Canada and Europe, where the more advantaged gave gifts to the less advantaged. It brought back memories of my meeting up with Big Mama and her Team of Life. Her Christmas Season 2013 was highlighted by a “gift-giving” event at Santa’s Enchanted Forest located in Miami Dade. Thousands of children gathered there to enjoy the lights and the amusement park like rides, music, food, fun and festivities. No child left there without a gift!

Are there some issues that you just need to “tough out” moving forward into 2014? If you are human, I am sure there must be at least one! For me personally, and for me and Educational Excellence, we plan to move forward with our efforts as we appreciate your support of those efforts, and seek to continue the contributions to make this world a better place … and simultaneously making myself and EE a better entity. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for a wonderful year!


John I. CookEmoji, Director

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