The Best Holiday Wishes!

Best Holiday WishesHappy Friday, All!

T.G.I.F. might be in order folks! What do you think? Well, any other greeting will be fine, too!

Just last evening, I had the pleasure of picking up my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, from the FTL/HLLYWD Airport after work. As the holidays continue, I am hoping to see more friends and family, but this makes Christmas extra special for me. Now, I know I have friends who may be agnostic or just not grip the “Jesus Christ” story as part of their holiday celebrations. So be it. I know I also have friends and associates who are just “good people” with good values and a good human compass for their own behavior. So, I still want everyone included in these Holy Day Wishes.

Now, I am not a big “Duck Dynasty” fan so I don’t watch the show. What I did watch, however, were the responses to this guy’s “anti-gay” comments as well as some people’s attempt to compare the POTUS with this character “what’s his face” Peterson or something. Of course, the comment was like: “Who should be fired? The man who lied to the country about foreign policies OR the man who simply spoke his opinion?” I thought to myself, “What cynical times we live in … to even dare to compare these two?! No comparison!!” And of course, as I suspected, the protagonist of “Duck Dynasty” wasn’t finished with his remarks. He continued on into the race area. Peace be still! Sure, everyone can have their opinion, but don’t be surprised where your opinionated remarks land you, especially if you work for a major television network with many many more shows other than yours!

Next week lands us on Christmas Day, and, while I work the day before and the day after, the office is showing us much love with a small gathering of quality assurance agents, sales agents and all levels of management. I’ve heard of many people having Christmas parties, some with the regular “drunk dramas” and others that went off without a hitch! There are going to be more police on duty as folks finish their last minute shopping, so, be careful as you place things in your car, on your porch … since deliveries have been stolen, too … Don’t drink and drive unless you want to either add to fatality statistics or simply get arrested … or killed! Be responsible in these celebrations and please, please, please don’t forget the meaning of this holiday, which is “Joy to the World!”, Peace on Earth and Love Love Love! Have a great weekend.

Peace and Love,

John I. CookEmoji, Director

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