Let It Bring Out The Best In You!

Bringing out the bestHappy Monday, All!

Yes, if you are reading this, your eyes are open! Another holiday season is firmly upon us . . . it’s December already! It seems many of us have gotten through a wonderful Thanksgiving Week, others got some shopping done for friends and family, and the benevolent organizations are in “full swing”, if you will!

This past Sunday saw the motorcycle riders of Broward County put together another “Run In The Sun”, where bikers rode their “Santa Claus” route from Hallandale Beach, FL to Markham Park in Sunrise, FL. All bikers donated either toys or money to assure that the children at the Joe DeMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL also have a festive Christmas. Can you imaging the joy on a child’s face who may be forced to remain in the hospital on Christmas with medical complications still receiving gifts and being able to celebrate Christmas?! There have been many studies done that demonstrate that people tend to get depressed, feel abandoned during the holidays, some even become suicidal! This is also the beauty of someone like “Big Mama”, whom I had the chance to interview and even hug and squeeze a few times, who make it well known that she suffered and struggled so much that, through her Team of Life, she wants to gather holiday goodies. These gifts include food and money and are redistributed to the families and children that often struggle with life in general, but especially at Christmas!

What’s in your heart?! Is the spirit of giving still in existence in your heart?! I think so! One of the things I have always embraced once becoming aware of it is a great premise in yoga. As we exercise on the mat in some forms of yoga, it is common to think about ourselves and our lives, in particular about things that “serve us” or “bring out the best in you” as opposed to things that don’t. Simply said, don’t entertain demons!! Some yogis instruct us to smile as we assume various asanas or poses. Others even tell us to think about a “happy place” and breathe into those taunt areas during our practice. At this time this year, I am very excited because I have been communicating with some friends who are expected to arrive in town this weekend. As well, it is planned that my daughter, Ayanna, is coming to visit me for Christmas as well! A special shout out to Christian Thomas and his new son; Kathleen Harris and her relatively new triplets and all the others with new children and pets in their families. Whatever you do, let it bring out the best in you!

Peace and blessing,

John I. CookEmoji, Director

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