It Can Happen Any Time!

Maya Angelou

Yes, it is mid-week again, Wednesday and Hump Day, if you will!

With all the emotions and adrenaline rush that drives folks during the “holidays”, it is kind of strange to hear about a rather young film star like Paul Walker and driver companion, both expert drivers, crashing in a high end Porsche sports vehicle. And then we hear,”Deck the halls with boughs of holly!” The injured father in the nail salon robbery in Miami attended the service to bury his 10 year old son. ” ‘T is the season to be jolly, fa la la la laa la la la la!” Now, of course I am aware of folks who don’t celebrate Christmas or Chanukah or Umoja Karamu (Unity Feast) so horrific stories like the aforementioned mayn’t bother you, though I don’t believe that either!

I think most people have a “heart”. Maybe it has been altered, figuratively speaking, to aid individuals in dealing with the challenges or reality they may face. Yet, over and over, it has been seen that people if nurtured unconditionally and guided away from destructive behavior with a dose of “tough love”, can recover their lost hearts! It can happen anytime. Don’t give up before the miracle happens. Hold on to your dreams, and I think sometimes in my case, never let go of them.

Last night, there was “Christmas On Las Olas”, kind of like Fort Lauderdale’s elegant yet family oriented official Christmas celebration held on the beautifully decorated Las Olas Boulevard. The past few years, I haven’t attended. Yet, I understand that it hasn’t lost it’s musical nature, artificial snow imported here to SoFlo as well as the fine eateries and restaurants tastiest holiday treats. Now, I do enjoy a nice spread every now and then but I never forget those who may be less fortunate … peace be still!

The famous international artists event known as “Art Basel” is being held on South Beach this weekend and is scheduled to be another “show stopper.” It is ironic that even amidst the holy day festivities and events, it was discovered in an area of Miami the letters “K K K” spray painted on a Jewish youth center as well as their buses! These occurrences are happening side by side. What could the difference be in the people of either group?! What causes the differences in their behavior?

So keep the real meaning of these holy days alive via random acts of kindness, donating a gift or something to a person in need, and spreading joy, peace and love with a passion! Most importantly, if there is something that you really want to do, and deep down inside (where many people don’t dare go!), you feel that pushing, heed the call. It can happen any time.



Thanks for reading!




John I. CookEmoji, Director


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