What Kind of Love Is This?!

love treeYes, Monday Monday! Yesterday was the first of December 2013, the last month of this year. How are you all feeling? Hopefully, somewhat accomplished in terms of meeting and attaining some of our goals for this year. Really, how did you do? Do you curse less? Have you still dedicated yourself to your workout routine be it walking, running or enrolled in your local gym? As we approach the year’s end, we can do a self inventory … key word is self.

‘T is the season to be jolly, right?! I actually enjoy the holidays, which I like to call “holy days,” or days set aside for a specific purpose. People fluctuate between what we witnessed this past Black Friday to acts of kindness from “Toys for Tots” drives by fire fighters and military organizations, even local professional sports teams like the Miami HEAT. Out in Plantation, FL where my buddy Peter Zachary lived until passing a few months ago, a citizen by the name of Mark Hyatt sponsors an all out light show of Christmas trees and decorations with a variety of light displays. One of my favorite community icons is Ms. Essie Reed and her two sons with a team of volunteers that run “Big Momma’s” Team of Life here in Fort Lauderdale. They not only feed those less fortunate in Broward County for Thanksgiving, but also collect and distribute funds, food and toys for the same underprivileged families and youth here in Broward at Christmas.

Have you really ever dug deeply for the moral of the “Christmas story?” I mean, we find ourselves embroiled in conversations, discussions and debates over what was “true” and what was “false” in the Bible, the Koran or any other religious book, so to speak. The message is loud and clear for the most part. Yesterday, I had streamed Calvary Chapel’s service with assistant pastor Fidel Gomez who came here from Vegas with pastor Bob over 25 years ago. His topic was, “What Kind of Love Is This?” So, I borrowed it! There are different “kinds” of love – sexual love, familial love and agape love. Whether you believe the stories of Christmas or not is not so important, since we all need to believe in something. I guess I want to say that as long as we believe in something good or life sustaining, like “love”, we are okay! For me, these holy days are about agape love! Whether it’s “Big Momma” and her sons showing some love, or if it is Mark Hyatt whose non-profit provides fun, entertainment in the Christmas theme for less advantaged kids. Over the years, I have learned to embrace the “spiritual lessons” of the holy day season.

Have a wonderful day and a gorgeous week!


John I. Cook, Director

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