Thank The Creator

thank the creatorYes, it’s Monday!

It’s also Thanksgiving Week, right!?! Some things to be grateful for maybe? I was just noticing a day or two ago how I had gotten a bit “snippy” .. with myself. You know, that “negative self talk” we hit up sometimes when something happens that we think we could have avoided like a speeding ticket. Then I stopped myself mid-thought, and reminded me that I’ve gotten this far through life, I must be doing some things right, plus being blessed by The Creator. I am glad I can catch myself before I get too far gone on that negative tangent!

There are some of you who like to reply to me from time to time regarding a piece on the e-mail/blog. This is very cool, I am glad that with everyone’s busy schedule and own ways of thinking, some have time to drop me a line. Thank you. Also, keep in mind that you can access the website by clicking on the link in the signature section below my name. Of course, feel free to reply on the blog of Educational Excellence if you’ve time and want others to know what you think. I always find time to reply so keep your comments and feedback coming!

As I was making breakfast yesterday, Sunday, morning, I was streaming the service from Calvary and overheard two other tele-evangelist on, including Joel Osteen. They all seemed to be talking about being in “The Creator’s favor”, especially when unexpected yet highly anticipated outcomes occur. Many religious and spiritual people call it “claiming the victory.” Osteen, for example mentioned a simple story about being stopped by the police. Upon telling the officer who had asked if his father was “that pastor on tv” that it was, once he (Joel) was sure the officer liked his father, yes, he was let go! Small but still apparently in “the Creator’s favor”. Some of us may have even more potent stories where a miracle of sorts may have occurred and folks didn’t know the source of this miraculous event. Some of us may know full well that when each of us individually “ends” with our ability and strength to handle a given situation, and things still go our way, there has been “divine intervention”.

As we arrive at our destinations for “Thanksgiving Week”, may we keep an extra amount of gratitude that we are able to enjoy food and festivities in the shelter of our friends’ and families’ homes. Amongst it all, please don’t forget to thank The Creator. Be a blessing to those less fortunate when possible, especially during these Holy Days.


John I. Cook, Director

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