Everyone Has A Purpose!

purposeYes, it is Monday again, folks!

How were the weekends for you all? I hope you had some time to do things that you can’t do Monday through Friday. Just this past Thursday, I took a few hours to visit a doctor’s office in Fort Lauderdale to get an update on the groin injury I seemed to have suffered last month. It’s good sometimes to get a professional opinion on things rather than just hearing folks who want to “one up” another person. So much happens in our lives and it happens so fast, we hardly notice. The doctor said that my hip joints looked good but were apparently inflamed from the positions used in yoga coupled perhaps with the weather and “time”! It seems I must be more moderate in my workouts nowadays and hope things get better. I told the doctor that I really live to work out, especially yoga. He encouraged me that things will be better with a prescription of anti-inflammation medication and “time”!

This coming Friday marks 50 years that president John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed. The story now half a century old, still captivates the minds of those with the “who dunnit” disposition to life. I still wonder sometimes, exactly what happened. I am sure most of us will never know. JFK certainly had a life full of drama, yet, did a decent job as president.

It seems that Nelson Mandela may be in critical condition again. I mean, he is nearly 100 years of age, and, like most things, except perhaps our spirits, nothing lasts for ever. I wish him well and his family, too. They were just here in Florida branding some South African wines.

In watching “60 Minutes”, I took note of two stories that were noteworthy for me. Perhaps, you may find them a bit interesting. Having lived in Cali, Colombia for five years, I experienced but more so saw firsthand how impoverished some areas in South America are. The story that caught my attention was the one of the “Recycled Orchestra” from Paraguay that gained international attention because a mother of a child often visited a trash dump to retrieve garbage to be recycled into violins, cellos, even woodwind and brass instruments from old pipes and coins! There were children as well as instructors, including Paraguayan musician and singer Roberta Rojas, who taught the children to play those instruments made COMPLETELY from recycled trash retrieved from a small town garbage dump! They are now being booked for tours world-wide and have received gifts of new instruments to help make their future performances stellar.

Also on “60 Minutes” Sunday evening was a story about “Philanthropic Billionaires” led by Warren Buffet who has established a program for the real big money makers including Bill Gates and the woman who invented “Spanx”. These billionaires are very unique and feel that if there are proposals that can utilize their monies better than just having them (monies) sit there gaining interest, they would rather see other “less fortunate” people be given the opportunity to create their dreams as each of them had been able to create their own! This is a beauty of being a benevolent billionaire, not just interested in amassing wealth that they probably will never use in their own lifetimes!

Indeed, everyone has a purpose! Don’t ever give up on finding and breathing life into your own purpose. Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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