What Can I Say?!

bullying killsIt’s Wednesday, All!

Happy Hump Day! There is something to be said about finding things, perhaps looking for them, to be “happy” about. It’s not such a bad deal. Monday, there was a storm that surged onto the shores of the Philippines. Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami HEAT have decided to donate a million dollars each to help in the recovery of that nation. Do you think that the people there have found anything to be happy about, perhaps?! Just being alive, and, the anticipated death toll originally thought to be approximately 10 thousand people has been reduced. In fact, the President said that it is currently around 1700 people confirmed dead.

It seems we’ve reached a time in human history where “people” want to just do what they want to do, and, say whatever they want to say. Most of us have been addressed “out of our names”, talked to hostile, perhaps even called “names” in our lives. Some of us may have even been bullied, or at least, witnessed it in our life time. Here in Florida, there were several cases where bullying reached the national news with the kicking attack against middle schooler Josie Lou Ratley due to a text sent, and, the bullying of the Brewer teen who was set on fire by his schoolmates over a bicycle in Deerfield Beach. While Josie Lou continues to recover from brain injuries, Michael Brewer has since been arrested on drug and paraphernalia possession charges as well. We’ve heard the horror stories of kids even going as far as to kill themselves to alleviate the drama of being bullied “on line”.

Now, also here in Florida, Miami to be exact, we have a professional football player, Richie Incognito, who has been recently identified as having bullied Dolphin team mate Jonathan Martin. A horrid recording was left on Martin’s voice mail by Incognito which included racial slurs and vulgar actions aimed at Martin and his family. Incognito said something to the effect that these things were said “out of love” and he is sorry if the Martin family was offended! I mean, if I ever heard anything so bizarre, this is certainly high ranking. Either Incognito is really really sick from some delusions of grandeur, or he thinks other people are so stupid that they would buy this “story” of friendship. The NFL has hired a professional group of “football” men to investigate the Dolphin’s locker room culture which precipitated this event.

The best story all week for me was the Florida Viet Nam veteran born in Colombia, South America, married to an African American woman who was seeking help from “post traumatic stress disorder”. He purportedly had sought help, over and over, in different places, but was only told that he would be deported to Colombia. Now this “deportation edict” came AFTER he served this nation in Viet Nam and apparently after his marriage also here in the USA. He was given an “honorable discharge” from the Viet Nam War but details were not released. So, he took his work truck, stopped on an over pass intersecting I-95 and SR595, placed a noose around his neck and had a high powered rifle in his possession … just to get attention … on Veteran’s Day! What a testimony, heh?! He was taken to a local hospital, and I suspect, since he never aimed or shot at anyone the entire time, will be treated for PTSD.

Say what you want to say. The language one uses shapes ones thought process and ultimate perceptions and personal feelings about “life”, too. This is why I cling to positive thoughts like peace, love … and namaste.

Have a great day and a wonderful rest of the week!

Be well!

John I. Cook, Director

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