I Hope We’re Friends Forever

IMG-20130413-00367Happy Friday, All!

Looks like we made it again! We can each say, “T.G.I.F” … because indeed, it is Friday!

I hope that most of the readers here enjoy my “style”, so to speak. I have always felt okay just being myself. Over the years, like when I had to wear glasses, realized my feet were bigger than most of the other boys, I adjusted to being okay with the world and people around me. I was often quiet, at first, until it was clear that my near child-like appreciation for life would be safe. I mean, I can hold my own in a verbal challenge, though I try to stay away from the negative energy that is often exchanged in such challenges. Things like that teach me more how to be cool nowadays … rather than to get upset and act like a fool. It is tempting sometimes.

Last evening on my way from work in Boca Raton, traffic was terrible. Bumper to bumper, opened up for about a minute … then, brake lights started coming on in all four lanes. Though it was still not as bad as traffic in Los Angeles or New York City rush hour, my patience was wearing thin. It was darker than usual, I wanted to get home to regroup and get ready to watch basketball on television, but I was still driving careful. Suddenly, a glass truck – one of those truck-like vehicles with slabs of glass on either side, cuts in front of me without using a blinker, and apparently no regard for the fact that he was going to stop in front of me in 5 seconds. The company was called “Mr. Glass”. So, I put my hands up in disbelief and put my signal on to go into the lane this guy had just left. Next thing, I look in my rear view mirror and this guy is behind me, flashing his lights off and on and saying something. I slowed a bit but continued. I thought to myself that people are too crazy nowadays … he might want to crash or maybe have a gun in there! So, I grabbed my cell phone. He pulled up on my right side, really driving crazy in traffic so he could get close enough to yell, “Why you put on your breaks?!” I told him, “I’m gonna call 911 and you can talk to them.” I got them on the phone and told them what was happening and the guy is still yelling! They transferred me to the State Trooper dispatch to whom I explained what was going on. Just as suddenly as the driver for the glass company appeared, he moved into the far right lane and prepared to take the next exit. The dispatcher told me that I did the right thing.

Friendship is important to me … probably to most humans … but I don’t go looking for friends. Friendships are made, almost supernaturally. It’s kind of like love in a way. It comes about through shared experiences, either together or separately, and mutual respect. If I could be friends with “everybody”, I probably would. Lord knows I’ve tried to be friends with folks I had no business even being around! We learn from experiences, both ours and experiences of others.

This past Sunday, I sent an e-mail to most of you regarding my interest in acquiring non-profit status for Educational Excellence. I heard from a few of you, though not enough. Now, you don’t have to agree with me, but those of you I’ve gotten to know best, give me some feedback; if you think the idea of accepting donations, and it doesn’t have to be $20, is good or bad. It will require about $1,000.00 to get the status. As far as I’m concerned, we’re friends forever. I’ve grown very fond of you all, some in different ways than others. I thank you for your patronage and readership and look forward to further communications on that subject. Of course, it would be a fine New Year’s resolution to make EE an official non-profit organization, where I could travel a bit and speak to people of various walks of life … sharing spirituality, love and peace!


John I. Cook, Director

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