The “Big Cities”: Strong!

NYC MarathonIt’s Monday, y’all!

What’ve you got going on this week? How about this morning? Anytime I am thinking that things are tough for me, I cruise around town, which is a blessing in itself, and enjoy the natural things in life . . . air, birds, trees, ocean … and of course, a few friends!

Growing up in a humble household with two hard working parents has its benefits, too. I learned to live within my means. This requires a certain amount of insight as well as familial unconditional love. There was never a moment . . . well, except when I was getting a “whipping” from my father . . . that I thought they didn’t love me for who I was. Now, I had older siblings, including two sisters and a brother, but I was the youngest. Some things were kept from me until I got “older and wise” enough to figure it out for myself. Yet, we were a relatively close knit family. I lost one of each – a brother, and my oldest sister – to murder; the former of by suicide, and the latter by her “boyfriend”. Spiritual strength was something that my parents taught us more by example than any lecture-like conversation. They both got up early EVERY morning and set the pace of the family. Saturdays were no different as we each had our own personal chore to keep our tiny apartment in the Winbrook neat and clean. Sundays were “Sunday School” and Church day for the family … me included!

This past Sunday, I watched football after streaming church service and then attended the Sun Trust Sunday Jazz Brunch, which is an outdoor event held the first Sunday of each month with three stages of live jazz. After meeting up with my New York friend, Jimmie “Ray” Campbell and his wife and daughter, I took a scenic cruise up Las Olas Blvd. to the beach and caught a few glimpses of the vessels in the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. Once home, I was able to see the last bits of the New York City Marathon sponsored by ING! Not only did the “Big Cities” bounce back starting with Boston’s baseball team, The Red Sox, winning a historical major league baseball championship with numerous connections to the Boston Marathon, but New York City continued the trend with a successful ING sponsored marathon! When I was a kid, I remember watching the Kenyans win most of the distance events be it a marathon or a distance event in the Olympics. They continued their fine running tradition yesterday as winners in the male category and the female category as well! It’s nice to see the people of cities that had been ravaged with explosions as in Boston as well as the people who overcame subway systems flooded due to Super Storm Hurricane Sandy. So, in case you are looking for a reason to be resilient, there are two!

Have a great day and a wonderful week.


John I. Cook, Director

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