“It’s The Little Things . . .”

the little thingsHappy Friday, All!

Yes, T.G.I.F.!

Here’s to hoping your Halloweens went well, and that you are aware of the fact that today is “All Saint’s Day”. Each one of us have been celebrating “All Hallow’s Eve” and enjoying the frolic of masks and costumes and the fun of collecting candies. A friend of mine had mentioned on a popular social network that it (Halloween) is a time spiritually when we come face to face with our “masks” in life, so to speak, and they (masks) dance! Thanks Karen Hurley.

One of the most difficult things for the average individual is to face ones own challenges in life. The more I mature, the more I have to face. Yet, as well, the more I mature, the more life means to me! Wouldn’t it be nice to have known something like that sooner?! I also find myself clinging to those fond “childhood memories” and finding that it’s the little things that make life big!! I have noticed that humans in Western civilizations like the “big” things, be it a car, a house, or a job title. Most people like the things that “big money” can buy. It is at subject points like this that I have to clarify that money, per se, is not a bad thing. More often, it is what happens when people get too much power or money, and how “we” all look at the world, whether we have power and money or not. Those with it, “the haves”, believe they are privileged to do as they wish. Those without it, “the have nots”, have often accepted that this power or money is the most important characteristic in life!

So far, I have found that spiritual awareness is the most important. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this topic? Feel free to respond by e-mail or on EE’s blog. Celebrate the first day of November, All Saint’s Day, and life with each other! I know, I know, it’s a lot to ask when we’ve all got so much to be concerned with. Please, just don’t forget that it’s the little things that make life big!


John I. Cook, Director

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