” . . . Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall!”

some rain must fallHappy Monday, All!

Some of you might be asking yourself, what’s there to be happy about? Well, we could start with the basics … breathing, reading, speaking … and maybe progress to something a bit more substantive … getting ready for work or school! Definitely several things to be grateful for … happy, if you will!

Working at developing Educational Excellence has become a life style … I look to incorporate life sustaining practices into the spiritual company’s format. I have been given suggestions from time to time, like … make a book from the anecdotes that I write every other day. Some have suggested “life coaching”, which I have also been familiarizing myself with lately. Needless to say, these usually require some investment and training as well as a support group or staff! I’ll get back to you all sooner than later on this.

Yes, Congress has gotten back to work, so to speak, and “60 Minutes” last night had picked up on a topic that I had done just a little research on – Benefits of Members of Congress’s Family Members! What I had suspected and found out is that while there are certain laws that keep the congressional reps from spending official monies on their families and personal trips, there is a loop hole, called I believe “a pac(t) account or fund”. These monies, donated by supporters and citizens whose political philosophies are aligned with the representatives’, or vice versa, can be used to pay family members for campaign related work. They can also be used for “special events” identified as helping the representative and supporters “actualize” their common goals, say, perhaps in a golf tournament! It was interesting to listen to comments about “90%” of Americans who are supposedly seeking entitlements like food stamps and medicare/medicaid! Needless to say, there is no comparison to these types of entitlements …

Everyone faces challenges in their lives …. some more than others. Once we have learned to minimize the challenges in our lives, it is then and there where “tough love” or “karma” or God’s blessings, if you will, must enter ones life. Also, last night on “60 Minutes”, there was an update on the medical ship providing service in particular to people on the Coast of Africa who are suffering from facial disorders – the Africa Mercy Ship. They … the organization … has received an incredible donation from a wealthy couple who saw the first segment on the “60 Minutes” program focusing on the relentless work done by the staff, especially doctors, who often pay their own way to participate in the Africa Mercy Ship’s voyages and healing! Peace be still.

Have a great Monday, count ones blessings and be a blessing, if possible!


John I. Cook, Director

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