” . . . And The Winner Is . . . “

The WinnerHappy Friday, All!

Aren’t you glad this week is finally over … with all the drama created by Congressional representatives who finally allowed the nation to avoid a default after an extensive shutdown? So, may everyone say, “T.G.I.F.”!

I don’t know about any of you but it seemed that the shutdown was kind of like another “forced election”! I mean people were still coming out of their closets with the nastiest ideas that their meagre brains could muster ….. about the President! Yes, of course we live in a country where “freedom of speech” is an integral part. Yet, some folks think that after the POTUS, whom had been depicted as anything from a terrorist to a primate … and called everything from the “n-word” to a socialist, can not say that the Tea Party was holding America hostage as they tried to influence Speaker Boehner and his cronies to keep the shutdown on until the POTUS and the nation “surrendered” the Affordable Care Act! Was it that his assessment was precisely on point and he was able to “cut through the crap” without using the race card? Would any of us admit that this is like The Civil War Part III?

Well, picture this: There was a “man” with a confederate flag outside of the White House … not your house or my flat … but the White House … in 2013, after the POTUS was elected TWICE … waving a confederate flag outside of the White House! Does that seem normal to any of you who know this nation’s history and what many of our forefathers, parents even, have fought to address the issue of racial discrimination of African Americans? How about seeing Mr. Ted Cruz, who spoke way too long about changing and maybe even eliminating the Affordable Health Care Act with veterans at the World War II Memorial taking down barriers so vets could visit the Memorial!? Wasn’t he the guy who wanted the “shutdown” and pushed for the default even until … the people … even some republicans … wanted the government to pay its bills and get back to work!? I mean, are some Americans really so anti-Obama or … I won’t say it, it has to do with the “race card” … just ignorant to the fact that the Memorial was shut down as were hundreds of thousands of other federal jobs BECAUSE of “muppets” like Ted Cruz!?

Okay, I am done here. Of course, those of you who know me know that I don’t like to entertain such illusions as the political climate in this country … land of the free, home of the brave … with undertones of whatever types of injustices that Dr. King spoke about! Do people actually listen to people like Ted Cruz? How about John Boehner? Or are these guys mere cronies of a greater “social movement” aimed at discrediting the first African American president of the United States? Be honest. Besides, one can only lie to oneself!

Go forth and enjoy the weekend. Remember, it is “each one teach one” on the grass roots levels of “love”, because some folks are less interested in humans enjoying our natural state of “love, peace, harmony, bliss, truth and purity”. Yet, I still choose love! Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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