Be Aware!

breast cancer is octoberHappy Hump Day, All!

Did you ever wonder who hides in those suits and sit around bickering over THEIR points of view … and not so much “the people’s” point of view? Now you know! They are the representatives of Congress, who in fact, haven’t grown up enough to realize that what may be their personal problems, they now have “heaped” upon the nation as a whole. Another government shutdown?! WT@!?!

So, indeed, October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”! This is a health issue that many many women, and men … I might add, face on a daily basis. While I have friends who have battled … and won, so far … this dreaded disease, I don’t have any personal experiences with it …. Peace be still!

I was talking with a couple of female friends yesterday, one whose Facebook page image reads “Fight Like A Girl!”. At first, I wondered what she meant until looking at some of this year’s images for this month’s dedication of breast cancer awareness. Last year, I attended an event in Ft. Lauderdale sponsored by WSVN – Channel 7 in this area which was truly “over the top”! It was not only a parade/fashion show, but it also hosted groups of women ( … occasionally men dressed as women … ) who carried messages regarding Breast Cancer Awareness. Another female friend who works with firefighters in a county North of here mentioned that they have been selling pink shirts that can also be worn by the firefighters representing their support of this month’s theme. So, please take some time to educate yourself, and, show some love and support for continued research and treatment of breast cancer.

Finally, I just wanted to wish a long time friend of mine’s son – Ariel Schulman – a Happy Birthday! Not only do I recall when he was born, which was the same year as my daughter Ayanna Lynne, but less than a month ago, I had the pleasure of seeing him all grown up, Executive Producer of MTV’s Catfish as well as the director for “Paranormal Activities”, but he also took pictures at the event held to honor my mother as a plaque was displayed for the first time at her gravesite! So happy to be able to have seen him again, and, it is a pleasure to wish Ariel a Happy Birthday!


John I. Cook, Director

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