Reflections . . .

ReflectionsIt’s Monday … Yes, it is! Can you make it a happy one? I am certainly going to give it my all today!

Handling the tasks of “every day life” can wear one down a bit. There comes a time in everyone’s life in which we need to renew our efforts, re-state our goals, and evaluate our progress. After all, this is the only life, I imagine, that we have to live like this. Human kind has evolved in so many different ways. Yet, the illusions that “life” creates are often beyond our control. This is why for me, it is important to take time, each day if possible, to reflect on my life. We may be more fortunate than we think we are!

I happen to enjoy a program called “60 Minutes” each Sunday evening. I usually tune in unless there is something else more pressing, like an NBA basketball game or The Super Bowl … maybe even a good tennis match with Serena Williams or Rafa Nadal! So last night I tuned in to a segment I had written about a few weeks ago after the DC Naval Yard shooting had occurred. It focused on a psychiatrist discussing the challenges of mental health issues that many Americans face, both individually and, as a society. Clearly, we don’t hear so much about events like this happening in other places …. not because they don’t happen, but the stories have not reached international media. Yet, it seems that here within our borders, there is an epidemic of folks “slipping through the cracks”, be it in law enforcement’s hands or the psychiatric evaluation of these individuals. How do people get past problematic “background checks” to get a job, then a hand gun or assault rifle, and check into a local hotel …. nearly undetected? Last night’s segment of “60 Minutes” talked about our need as a nation to address this issue a.s.a.p.

The other tidbits of news on the program focused on America’s involvement in Iran in limiting their development of nuclear weapons and in Syria regarding eliminating the government’s purported use of chemical weapons. Next, of course, is the US Government’s potential “shut down” so that Republicans can take another cheap shot at Obamacare!!! Do you see the illusions created yet? Does it have to be like this? It is easy to take a look at “world affairs” to see where they could be improved and, forget our day to day situations that undoubtedly we all face. Can we afford to get wrapped up in the illusions created by “human kind” and neglect our own personal mental, psychological and emotional health? Where does that leave our spirituality, should you agree that there is such a thing. On this last day of September with the school years already started nearly everywhere on the Earth, may we reflect on our roles, identifying our purpose, keeping in mind our limitations as well as our desires to live a great life and not be caught up in so many of the illusions. I continue to advocate “Stop The Violence” as has also been seen as a critical element in our modern day world – with school kids and adults who run countries alike!

Be well … enjoy your day, and get a great start to a new week. Reflect along the way to see how we each may contribute to a peaceful planet.


John I. Cook, Director

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