What’s On Your Mind?

images (1)Happy Friday, All!!

Yes, yes, and a T.G.I.F. to each of you, too! What a week, heh?! It seems that people of today are not able to communicate the things that are dearest and nearest to their hearts. Simple things like, “I’m lonely” or, “I love you!” Perhaps, even, “I need help!” In our fast paced society and nearly the whole world today, many of us get “lost” and become just a number or a name, if we are lucky. Sometimes, we want others to “fashion our dreams” or the dreams we have seem so far fetched and challenging …. So we try something else for attention … perhaps!

Looking back at the Navy Yard shooter, Alexis, authorities are finding places where someone, perhaps several someones, dropped the ball, so to speak. Over and over it seems, he was virtually “crying out for help”. Why didn’t anyone pay attention to “the voices” he heard in his hotel room before he came to Washington, D.C.? Because THEY didn’t hear voices, he couldn’t possibly hear them, I am sure is what “they” thought! How about George Zimmerman? Now, his wife is saying that she really didn’t know the man she was married to for 7 years. She claims that George taunted she and her father, trying to get them to come closer while he had his hand in his shirt!!! Do you think he could have taunted Trayvon Martin, too? Obviously, I do not want to rehash all of this because the damage has been done. Yet, when will we learn to pay attention to each other and observe when someone might need a helping spiritual hand?!

Far too often, some of us think we are too important to help someone else or pay attention to them. We live in a “what can you do for me” world, and, if someone can’t help US, we don’t want to deal with them. Now, of course, that is not EVERYBODY’S take on life, but it seems that that is what is taught and respected … it’s the way you “get ahead”, as people say. Now, I am not the brightest bulb in the box but I think I am pretty darn observant and can tell if someone is worried about something. Not only that, I actually CARE about what is on someone else’s mind … Peace be still! Can we actually be more of a world community than what we have been? Could we pay attention to our friends, co-workers, neighbors and even “strangers”, like Dr. Oz and an observer did in NYC a few weeks back when a taxi cab “drilled” a tourist/visitor who was eating a hot dog on a City bench? She says, if they hadn’t helped her, she would have bled to death!!!

Keep an eye out for each other, folks! It makes the journey a lot more meaningful to many of us! Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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