Gratitude is the Proper Attitude!

gratitudeHappy Hump Day!

Now, I am grateful today for various reasons. The first one is the simple fact that many of you are reading my posts and e-mails. I started this organization over 8 years ago in an attempt to provide support for some of the students I had worked with at an intensive English language institute as well as students at a career college where I had worked as well. I used to assist them in developing presentations and projects for their classes and careers, as well as a private tutor. Soon, it blossomed into an organization that also focuses on the spiritual components of life.

Nairobi, Kenya has been the site of a horrific terrorist attack that seemed to have lasted several days! Yet, it appears that the group that launched the attack wanted to harm non-Muslims. Hmmmm …. after The International Day of Peace was held on the 21st of September, which was this past Saturday, then some fellow humans decide it is time to take innocent lives in a mall in a large African city … supposedly because they are not Muslims!! I don’t get it … I wonder what makes that type of behavior an option. Some “Americans” were speculated to have been a part of the terrorist group, though today reports have it that 5 of them are dead and 11 are in custody. The Mall has been taken control of by the City officials and law enforcement.

Just being grateful is something that we do from time to time. When times are good, be grateful! When times and situations are more difficult than we imagined, though it may not be so easy, be grateful. Count it all joy!! Learn from our mistakes and share the knowledge we gain from challenging situations with others who may need it. I conclude, gratitude is the correct attitude!

Have a great Hump Day!


John I. Cook, Director

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