Did I live, did I love, did I matter?

Live Love MatterHappy Monday, All!

Here’s another opportunity to get the week started, pursue some goals and make a difference. Yes, of course it’s Monday … not the end of the world … but the beginning of something NEW! In fact, it is another day in each of our lives, you dig?!

This past Saturday found me waking up early at 4am, getting a ride from my good friend Kevin Hall to the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport to take a flight to White Plains, NY for an event planned by me and Robert Schulman. It was a plaque placing event though the actual passing of my mother was after Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and the plaque was installed at the Kensico Cemetery some three to four weeks ago. The flight was great and upon landing, the familiar face of “Bobby” smiled warmly as I walked out of the aircraft and into the terminal.

The event was simply honoring my mother, Marietta Dolores Cook, and her life … and the many many lives she touched along her journey … and those she continues to touch! Peace be still! In my life, I have encountered many challenges, some self made, others prescribed for me by elements in our society. Through my mother’s love and support, I have managed to face ALL of the challenges and make my own mark, small as it may be, on our “world”. The “service” was held at Kensico Cemetery and amongst the guests were: Alan and Gail Landauer; Betty Landauer (95) and her granddaughter, Amy; Yvonne Burton; Joanne Spikes; Gordon Derouseau; Andrew Coggins; Ariel Schulman and his mother Claudia and his girlfriend, Haley; Edna Cook-Shine; Brandon Shine; Trent Beasley; Ayanna Belton; Robert Schulman; and, yours truly! (I really hope I didn’t forget anyone!!)  Oh yeah … Georgetta Kent was also there … she still lives in the same building I grew up in!!

We had an opportunity to remember and reflect on not only my mother’s life as she brought together people from different “walks” of life, including Ariel, Bobby’s son, who is executive producer for MTV’s new program “Catfish”, we also had an opportunity to say some “words” on how we knew “Mary” and interacted with her during her life. It was truly a blast! At the end of the festivity, I spoke on well known author, Brendon Burchard’s topic, “Did I live, did I love, did I matter?” Burchard is also the author of “The Charge” and “The Millionaire Messenger”. We each hugged one another as families and friends alike celebrated the placing of this plaque and our unity. It indeed was beautiful! Special thanks to Solveig Kirker for picking me up at the FTL/HLLYWD Airport upon my return yesterday to Ft. Lauderdale.

I was fortunate enough NOT to be alone too long as Steve Morgan who lives in St. Cloud, FL with his beautiful family visited me along with his two brothers, Dave and Paul, both from the Maryland/DC/Virginia area and we watched several football games at Drunken Taco before meandering to Beach Place of Ft. Lauderdale Beach! Thanks for visiting me guys and thanks for my salad, Paul!

Just remember to live each day of your life and charge yourself with being the best that you can be! Be well as we seek to live in peace and harmony, to love one another … and to matter to someone!


John I. Cook, Director

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