“We Will Never Forget You!”

twelfth nine elevenYes, it is “Hump Day” again …  quite a unique “Hump Day” at that. May we be grateful for our lives today!

Many of us were able to catch footage, if not witnessed the live events of the two planes that hit the Twin Towers in New York City. On September 11, 2001, a plot unfolded which many contend was master-minded by Osama bin Laden of Al Qaeda, the leader of the terrorist group that seeks to attack any and everything that does not acknowledge the Jihad of Islam, if you will. So many innocent lives were lost, not only in the Twin Towers but also at the Pentagon as well as a plane crash caused because passengers foiled the attempt by jihadists on a third flight designated to hit buildings in Washington, DC. Their battle cry, “Let’s Roll”, still lives on in many of our hearts today.

Where were you? I was in the Media Center at City College of Fort Lauderdale after several students who had televisions set on the news channels that had gotten the report that two planes were heading for the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It did in fact, look like a movie! Yet, as the planes imploded the Towers there, one by one, and two other planes that extremist Muslim terrorists claiming links to Al Qaeda had hi-jacked, the entire world stood still. America had never been attacked in this fashion in our nation’s short history. Now, I do NOT want to take this message to begin the conversation on who was responsible and who knew … and why didn’t someone stop them. I would like to honor those who lost their lives in this horrific event which will be etched in American History as the “Terrorist Attack on 9/11”.

May we simply stop for a moment of silence to honor the dead … and remember them … as well as comfort for their families though it was 12 years ago …

Be well … never forget …. namaste!


John I. Cook, Director

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