The Inner Voice

inner voiceHappy Friday, All!

And as if it is on “auto play”, T.G.I.F!

We even had a shorter work week, so to speak, so what am I complaining about?! Have you ever noticed the kind of person who is always complaining? Have you ever seen “complaining” come from a positive place in ones heart? Usually, someone complains for a variety of reasons but one stands out: “I didn’t get MY way!” When you look at it like that, it shows a certain amount of childishness, not to mention selfishness – that “my way” thing!

Have you ever heard your body complain to you? Maybe you are not eating nourishing foods but just foods that “taste good” or “look good”?! Your body usually knows … and when it is not happy, it complains, too! How about your spirit? Have you ever noticed it complaining? Maybe we are not thinking the “healthy thoughts”, so to speak, or are unable to see someone else’s point of view … so our spirit complains. It is more difficult to notice ones spirit complaining because it comes from an inner voice.

“I learned to listen to my body with an inner concentration like meditation, to get guidance as to when to exercise and when to rest. I learned that healing and cure are active processes in which I myself needed to participate.” – Rollo May

Many of us don’t like to be alone . . . Then one day, we learn the beauty of listening to that inner voice, which is barely audible unless we are alone. No cell phones ringing, no people complaining in our ears, no sounds of construction zones in the foreground of our consciousness. Being alone and being lonesome are two different things for me. I like to be alone sometimes so I can think and learn and grow …. based on that inner voice we all have. Yet, like most things, we must develop an intuition to learn to listen to that “inner voice”, which can’t be heard unless we quiet our more selfish thoughts.

Take some time today, and every day, to listen to that inner voice. It may take some doing, but trust me, it is worth it in the long run! Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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