Never . . . Ever Give Up!

diana nyadYes, yes, yes! It is Hump Day again, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Indeed it was a short work week for some of us. Yet, I know some of my friends who work in the “club”, food and entertainment industries had somewhat longer weekends, since folks were not working on Labor Day. At least with Monday off from work, the work week seems shorter.

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the MLK March on Washington, DC. And, just a few days ago, we found a world record being set by a 64 year old woman who was the first to swim without a shark’s cage all the way from Cuba to Key West, Florida – 110 miles – in approximately 53 hours. Now, just before developing the topic further, I did want to set the tone of this piece by mentioning that Nelson Mandela has returned to his home from the hospital still fighting an apparent pulmonary infection. For here is another timeless human being who after 95 years on the Earth still refuses to give up!! What about you?

Are you the kind of person that allows others to “tell” you what to do with your life? How about the kind of person who doesn’t have much belief in themselves and often come under attack from peers and/or neighbors. You know, believing in oneself is a personal experience, and, if there are others around you constantly doubting or questioning ones belief in oneself, it becomes harder and harder to hold on to those dreams. It makes sense to surround oneself with people who encourage you to pursue your deepest desires and most challenging dreams. I mean, one has the right to develop ones talent and pursue ones dreams and goals in life just like the next person. Diana Nyad simply put the icing on the cake with her completion of the swim from Cuba to Key West on her FIFTH try!! This woman was born in New York City to a stockbroker and his wife and has always been an athletic type. In fact, I read somewhere that she is amongst the top thirty squash players either in this country or the world!

Dr. King had his dream … many of us are privileged to be living our lives today, which are in no small measure a result of this man’s “dream” for America. While there are those who seek to impose the “nightmare” back drop to Dr. King’s dream, there are others of us who hold our heads high at all costs to materialize this man’s dream. Nelson Mandela also had his own desire to destroy the racist institution in his country known as apartheid. He also did this … in his life time … nearly single-handedly AFTER serving 25 or so years in prison to be released and become the same nation’s first African (black) leader as President! Keep a bit of fervor around your dreams, and, as 64 year old Diana Nyad said, “Never . . . ever give up!”

Peace be with you!

John I. Cook, Director

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