“Labor of Love”!

Labor of Love

Happy Friday, All!

Yes, in fact …. T.G.I.F.!

Here’s to hoping that your weeks went well … well enough that you are able to enjoy a Labor Day Weekend ahead! All I know is that I will be welcoming it with open arms! No big serious plans or anything, just planning to enjoy myself.

Today’s topic is one that I often think about, then again … I seldom think about it. What could that mean? Well, in essence, we all know how hard jobs are to come by nowadays. Keeping a position is often like using martial arts to maintain that flow of income that allows you to ” … keep a roof over your head …”, and, as my sweet little old mother used to tell me when she observed me NOT appreciating our humble dwelling in “The Projects”: “Boy! You ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!” Dig that!!! Those parents of mine really showed me how to love myself. In this world, there are people who have “things” and don’t appreciate those things nor the situations that allowed them to get those “things”! Then, when those things disappear, we see a crushed soul, looking either to destroy others happiness or … ultimately, destroy themselves.

Do you think the POTUS loves his job? I am sure we could fill several auditoriums with words that people use to describe him, and things that people complain about him … day in and day out! Funny thing is, do those same people perform “perfectly” on their jobs?! Have any of those individuals ever not been so popular with a decision they made or some words they choose? How do you think they handled it? How do YOU handle it? This week saw the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, DC with an incredible program. Several “Republican” leaders were invited to speak at the celebration, but, they ALL declined!!! Does that tell you anything about these people who claim to represent populations in their own districts, localities and states? Can they ALL be against “jobs and justice”? Can they ALL actually not find one thing about Dr. King that would encourage them to take the podium and say some kind words about a man whose underwear they could never fill?!? It really makes me want to say, “WT@”?

“What the hell!”, they probably said. “We’ll blame our feelings on the POTUS Obama, too!”

Karma has a unique way of finding you … even when the justice department can not. Mrs. Zimmerman is now saying that her marriage is hurting. She realizes now that she wants to have a baby … and her husband just killed someone else’s child. She is showing remorse for that action while others still cling to their ignorance thinking and saying that Trayvon was a thug who deserved to die at the hands of “judge, jury and executioner” vigilante self appointed neighborhood watchperson, George Zimmerman! I mean, that stuff doesn’t even sound right … how can some people actually believe it?!? Mrs. Zimmerman also said, after taking a plea for the charge of lying for her husband in court (though by phone) that they had no monies in their savings when the judge was concerned with them fleeing to escape George’s prosecution, I believe they sentenced her to a year of probation, she was NOT at their home the night Trayvon got shot and killed by her husband. She was staying at her father’s place because she and George were having a “domestic dispute” that continued … even up until now! She said that they have been living like scared gypsies, in and out of trailer parks and homes, disguised and with the utmost concern and fear for their lives!!! Karma is just beginning to tap on their door … believe it … or not!

Choose a labor of love folks, as I have chosen with my writing … and my life! Obviously, it doesn’t pay me well. But I am happy to be doing it. Did you notice Obama’s face during his speech Wednesday? How about Jamie Foxx? Oprah? Mr. Lewis? The woman who sang, “Amazing Grace”? Did they love what they were doing? Well, I am starting to get emotional all over again so I am going to end this e-mail and message by wishing you ALL a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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