Keep Moving Forward!!!

Keep Moving Forward

It’s Monday, All!

Yes, it is the day that kicks off many people’s work weeks!! What would you do if you didn’t have Monday to look forward to … to shake up things, to implement new ideas and new attitudes, if necessary? Would you stay in bed all week? Do you really have it like that? Do you think that is why your Creator GAVE you the gift of life … to mope and complain and wish you could do nothing all day? Of course not!!

Sometimes, when I visit social network pages and view comments and notice people saying that African Americans and/or other minorities are looking for entitlements and handouts, I almost laugh! I wonder if they notice the PROGRESS that these very same people have made … and continue to make? Would you say that Obama was “looking for a handout” or that he felt “entitled”? How about Dr. King – did he get his “hand out”?! I wonder when was the last time that these critics took a look at all of the “benefits” a member of Congress gets … just for serving one term … perhaps even “tweeting” naked pictures to someone while in office. Their kids get “free” college and they become people of a near celebrity status! What did their kids do to deserve “free college”? Is that not entitlement?! Now, I just mentioned ONE of the benefits they receive … their whole family … for becoming an “elected official”.

This past weekend witnessed the celebrations of the “50th Anniversary of the March on Washington”, which was headlined in 1963 by The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Have any of those “nay sayers” noticed the progress that has been made by … let’s say … African Americans!? How about Hispanics? How about “gays and lesbians”? Even the Pope has recently acknowledged that a “gay” person who believes in “God” can’t be all bad!! In fact, if you look closely, you will notice the “naysayers” of 50 years ago have not changed their tune …. just their tactics …. because it actually bothers them that so much progress has been made by many many different groups in American society. I am not here to judge; nor am I here to listen to the negativity espoused by the “naysayers”. How about you?

The program Saturday in Washington, DC, the original location of the March on Washington, was phenomenal!! I enjoyed it from the comfort of my home after having spent a morning recollecting thoughts, reflecting on positive moments and getting set to move forward. Do you have any idea of how many lives were lost – not to mention Dr. King himself! – in the struggle for Civil Rights of African Americans in this country?! Now don’t “get it twisted” as is often the technique of “ignorance” in the face of “progress”; I am not discounting ANY other group for the progress they’ve made in world events, like The Jews, if you will. And even for that “group”, more progress continues and the backlash to their progress continues, too! “Can’t we all get along?” It was paramount to see Sabryna Fulton there at the “March” as well as the signs carried so we will not forget slogans like, “Justice for Trayvon” and “No Justice, No Peace!”. Do you remember the comments of several of the jurors in the aftermath of that trial? Were they still so sure that they had made the “right decision”? Now, Zimmerman travels about and is still toting guns and visiting gun ranges, in particular, of the manufacturer of the weapon he used to murder Trayvon. One comment was: “Well, wouldn’t you expect him (Zimmerman) to be gun shopping considering how many people hate him in America?” Karma can be a “BEAST” baby! All he had to do was “keep calm and stay in his vehicle” … believe it … or not!

So in honor of ALL those folks, from the slaves “taken” from Africa and those thrown over board into the Atlantic Ocean, including the ones that “made it” to the shores of America and helped to build this country and its economy … and then were killed, lynched and tortured, and later discriminated against, right on up to and through the life of Dr. King and others … to ALL the people that rallied and marched and spoke and “showed up” to the commemoration of the original “March” held fifty years ago …. may we all recollect, reflect and continue moving forward … TOGETHER!


John I. Cook, Director

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