“I Wish This Was A Dream . . .”

Catch A DreamHappy Friday, All …

Yes, I am going to venture to say … T.G.I.F. today! Another week has been gifted to each of us and we’ve had the opportunity to make the most of it. I’ve got a lot of things on “my plate” … this morning, tonight, tomorrow … even Sunday! Now I am grateful to be able to participate in ALL of these things, too, including the “Back To School” program sponsored by the AARLCC and H.E.R.O.

Have you ever had the feeling that something you had just experienced was a dream …. not reality? Then, on the other hand, have you ever dreamt something that you wished would have come true? Perhaps, by now, many of us have heard of the Native American Indian’s “dream catcher” and the legend behind it?! If you haven’t, do a little research. I guarantee you that you will find it quite intriguing. Native Americans, often called “Amerinds”, were generally spiritual beings. They had no clocks to mark time but utilized the natural order of things to mark time for their culture. Enter, “The Dream Catcher”, which in most cases consists of leather/suede strips and feathers.

A twelve year old girl was killed by a bullet from a spray of rapid fire as her grandmother’s home in Miami Gardens, FL was attacked a few nights ago. She was getting her hair braided for the start of the school year. This is a tradition in many African American homes so that the young ladies look really nice the first day of school. It seems a teen-aged cousin who was not in the home at the time may have been the target … I wish that was a dream … imagine that!

The Egyptian military has been accused of attacking civilians in their attempt to rid the capitol of protestors who opposed the ousting of the first democratically elected leader of that country. Hundreds of civilians were killed in the military’s effort to restore order there. The POTUS has issued a statement opposing the use of “deadly force” by the Egyptian military upon civilians who were protesting. Some stories have it that the protestors themselves had resorted to rock and bottle throwing as well as fire bombing buildings there in retaliation of the military show of force to disperse them. Do you think anyone wishes that was a dream?!

Well the group known as the “Dream Defenders” have left the state capitol of Florida and vacated Gov. Rick Scott’s office in their attempt to apply pressure on the Governor to hold an emergency session of state legislators to review, and if possible, suggest changes to, the Florida “stand your ground” law. Scott sticks to “his guns”, and, though the protesters remained in and around his office since Zimmerman was found “not guilty”, he has refused to comply with their demands. I know some of us may wish that was a dream. Thanks for your efforts of peaceful demonstration “Dream Defenders”.

In spite of all the earlier reports that big name talent was scheduled to boycott Florida due to the state’s maintenance of the aforementioned law, “Jay-Z” and Justin Timberlake will be taking South Florida by storm tonight at Sun Life Stadium as they complete the tour they began earlier this summer. It is expected to be a great turn out, and promoters speculate that the two together will bring admirers of each artist to appreciate the talents of “the other”.

Wishing you each a wonderful Friday, and a peaceful and progressive weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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