Now THAT’S “Twisted”!

Usher twistedHappy Friday, All!

Maybe we could be a chorus this morning … singing … “T.G.I.F.”! Certainly, there are a few of us who would “sing”! Lately, it seems that human kind is so intrigued by the “twisted” thoughts and actions of individuals rather than the peaceful loving thoughts of others . . . Peace be still!

Have you ever ridden on an interstate or main road, like I-95, and noticed how the traffic slows down when there is an accident on the OTHER side!?! Yep! People are sometimes nosey to the point of causing an accident on their side of the traffic!! It’s almost like we are drawn to the “twisted” stuff … more so than to normal or peaceful stuff. A few days ago, there was a story on the news where a police officer was assigned to take “custody” of a child from his mother and bring him to his father, who had won the custody battle in court. The kid bit the officer and the officer “open-handed” slapped the kid to “take charge of the situation” as one police spokes person said. The video went viral and sides were taken.

In Miami, a graffiti artist “teen” was tasered by police after being told to stop running when caught spray painting on an abandoned building. Afterwards, he died … just a day or two ago. The investigation continues though police representatives state that there were no departmental nor policy violations. Some adolescent girls in a juvenile detention home in Pembroke Pines, Fl got a bit rowdy, police were called in. A girl apparently took a swing at an officer as he was trying to quell the disruption, and, the officer threw a full “man sized” punch to the 14 year old girl’s head before she was tasered. A public defender has been assigned to the case, and it was discovered that the girls were regularly injected with a substance that made them reach a state of euphoria before passing out. The girls call it “booty juice”! DCF has also been alerted to investigate potential abuse of the girls there.

Finally, I caught a story that I am sure is nation-wide by now, of a man whose wife purportedly was punching him over and over, and eventually pulled a knife. He took a gun and shot her multiple times, killing her …. then posted the incident and pictures on Facebook!! Now there are folks who say, “Oh, stuff like this happens all the time!” Does that mean we “humans”, purportedly civilized, simply accept this as the norm now and sit back and “enjoy the twisted moments”?! Does this now mean that these types of things are now acceptable in our human family?! It sounds pretty close to those notions I mentioned. Yet, I personally refuse to give in to the negativity that people espouse, advocate and practice on each other. This is a reason for me writing these pieces, sharing them, and nurturing Educational Excellence, as there is a lot more than book knowledge that humanity needs to learn before we permit our world to be destroyed …. by us!

Do what you can. Don’t be afraid to take a stand. Peace, love and harmony are just as important, if not more, than the spectacle of twisted human behavior. Be well, enjoy your weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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