“Find Them, Feed Them”


If you are reading this, that means that you “survived” the weekend with most of your major faculties functioning!! “Yes, indeedy!”, as my good friend “Petey” Zachary used to say. Sometimes, like this past weekend, I find myself contemplating all of the different types of people that I have met in my life along this journey. Most of the people I’ve met are usually fortunate beyond what they actually realize struggling with “first world” problems like upgrading a cell phone or getting a new fixture on their “hemi” engine to make it go even faster than it presently does!

I had a weekend filled with gratitude! When I began to look at some of my challenges that I must work through like IRS back taxes or student loan status, even a slight pain in my groin, I realize how fortunate I am, too! I have some really good friends … some who cherish our relationship and others whose relationship I cherish. One thing that I often try NOT to do is to compare myself to someone else. I mean, we all have our gifts and talents, which I like to highlight and encourage folks as well as compliment them. I am well aware of my own gifts and talents and continue to build on them, though they may be different from some of my friends and associates. In other words, I try to stay on the “positive” tip or end, if you will, and encourage folk, starting with myself, to be the best that they can be!

After streaming a service from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, FL and hearing that they are expanding to another location in Lauderhill, I came away with a new appreciation for the concept that Luke describes and Pastor Bob further illustrated as the process of “finding those in need of peace, love and happiness” and feeding them spiritual food. Thusly, the title of this e-mail. In my own way, that is what I do with Educational Excellence. I just put my humble words and thoughts out there, based on my own experiences, and share them with friends and associates. I also hope that readers can relate to my “pieces” that I create early in the morning after contemplating some things in life that I feel might be worth sharing. I, too, come with “spiritual food”, so to speak, and enjoy “finding” others who may appreciate a small spiritual meal! I also hope to meet others who enjoy a good read on topics close to their hearts, too. Peace be still . . .

Last night as I watched “60 Minutes”, a segment on the “Africa Mercy Ship” caught my attention for a variety of reasons, not to mention how their voyages are essentially journeys to “find and feed” those in less developed areas of Africa’s West Coast with modern medical techniques for problems that have plagued certain groups of people for centuries. Their moneys come from churches, corporations and even private individuals who staff the ship who “pay their own way”, so to speak. When I saw the images of some of the people with tumors that were larger than the “normal” human face who awaited treatment from the doctors on board the “Africa Mercy Ship”, also called the “Love Boat” since so many of the medical and engineering staff on board have found the “loves of their lives”, I murmured the word, “mercy”. As I looked in the mirror this morning, my gratitude went even higher, as I understood in more depth what keeps these doctors and nurses, engineers and ship staff traveling along the coast of West Africa to “find and feed” these souls! What a calling!

Well, in closing, I just wanted to say thanks again for reading and passing my work on, as it truly is a labor of love! Also feel free to let me know if you would like to be removed from the list and no longer wish to receive these e-mails. Have a wonderful day … and an even more wonderful week!


John I. Cook, Director

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