Are You Sleeping?


Happy Fridaaaayyy! Yeah! And a … T.G.I.F. to each of youse, too!

What a way to end the week … not a better way than a “weekend”, right?! ‘nough said. While I have had another fairly challenging week, I have promised myself to stay on course. Here is where the spiritual training comes in best for me. There are things that I cannot control … God, grant me the serenity to accept those things. Then, there are things that I can control (my attitude, my responses, my joy) … God, grant me the courage to change them. And in the end, God, grant me the wisdom to know the difference! The previous is an “overview” or re-wording of “The Serenity Prayer”. Have you ever heard it before?

It is a lot easier, I am sure most of us have noticed, to talk about someone else’s life … than our own. Part of my magic with Educational Excellence is that I talk about my own life as much as I can. Now that is not like a narcissistic exercise of any sort, but it is based on a sense of “sharing”, of knowing oneself, rather than telling others how they should be! Why not just show them with your own life?! Isn’t that fulfilling enough for most of us?

By now, I am also sure that many of you have heard about the “Hialeah Massacre”, as the news has termed it, and maybe even heard the “911” tapes that the killer made HIMSELF five hours before opening fire on those innocent people in his complex. Even his mother, who also spoke in Spanish to the “911” operator, realized that her son needed help … psychological help. You know, some people “play crazy” as long as you let them get away with it. Others really need help, as this guy did … and … as the Castro character out of Cleveland who was sentenced to a “life sentence and a thousand years” for his kidnapping and treatment of the three women whom he held in his house against their will. He, Castro, even tried to say that proof that the “ladies were happy” (?) is the fact that Amanda Berry, one of the girls who mothered a child for him, was called on stage at a concert and danced with the rappers and the audience gleefully! That’s simply “playing crazy” … and teetering between knowing it … and accepting it! Peace, be still!

As we prepare to bring summer to a close, and, on the other hand, prepare for the next “school year”, which affects us all in one way or another, children or not, may we open our eyes to see the things that we can? May we open our spirits to allow us to choose a healthy direction in our lives? May we be caring and sharing enough to see each other for who we are? If we see someone struggling with issues, suffering through something, lend a hand or guide them to resources that may better help their situation. Indeed, “no person is an island”!

“Every closed eye is not sleeping and every open eye is not seeing.” – Bill Cosby

Have a great Friday and a wonderful wonder-filled weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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