Sharing From The Heart

sharing from the heartIt’s Monday, ladies and gentlemen … girls and boys!

How is the summer going for you all? I hope that this week finds each of you with good friends and a healthy heart! It seems that I have been blessed with both more often than not! We are approaching the last days of July and preparing for the first of August. I find myself waiting patiently for some “things” to happen while I continue on with my regular routine, so to speak.

This weekend was spent with friends “just doing things” …. “sharing” even! What did we share?! Good feelings, comradery, helpful hearts, minds …. yes, even bodies! After yoga on Saturday morning, I sat with a new friend at LA Fitness. She is “new” in town and from New York, so we’ve developed kind of a friendship since she attends the yoga class on Saturday. It was pouring down rain and she and I sat inside the gym. Kelly ordered some vegan stuff on flatbread and I had my turkey and swiss cheese sandwich with a Powerade ready and with me from the previous evening! I was going to help a good friend move after yoga class, and she was going to meet some friends with whom she is in a seminar with combining accounting and yoga!! We bid each other a fond adieu, planning to meet up again this coming Saturday. The rain continued steadily!

Shortly after getting into the car, I got all my directions set to help a friend move into a nice 3rd floor one bedroom apartment in a gated community near Coral Springs and Parkland. We all were excited but the move had to be done! One of his friends, quite a bit younger than me, met his girl Krystal and I after we had picked up the rental truck. The rain had found us so we had to wait a while … as is customary with rain in the tropics, including Florida. Steve and I loaded up the truck while Krystal loaded her car with shoe boxes and smaller stuff. We met my friend, her boyfriend, Luigi at the new place once all was done. Unpacking the truck and getting everything, which wasn’t a lot, up to the third floor “penthouse” view was the second leg of the journey, which we finished nearly out of breath and dehydrated from sweating!! Luigi had gotten us water, chicken, cole slaw and potato salad, which we munched on together chatting like school kids! I didn’t get home until nearly 8 or 9pm that night. Then, I had shaved and showered and headed out to meet some more friends at The Club House aka Capone’s! We had a blast!

Sunday morning, I didn’t forget to stream my favorite service – 10:15AM – from Calvary Chapel. Assistant Pastor Fidel Gomez and Pastor Bob Coy reminded us that it was 28 years ago from this past Thursday that they had left “Vegas” driving to Fort Lauderdale to start what has become nearly a “mega church”, though much more personable. Pastor Gomez’s topic was: “You should be willing to share”. He broke it down in a way that one could understand why one works where one works, lives where one lives …. and even endures some “life challenges” ever so often, so as to develop ones gifts from God. “God put you there for a reason!”, Pastor Gomez said. A bit of clarification might sound like this: “Your ‘job’, neighborhood, encounters and friends were designed for each of us to share our peace, love and faith!” (How am I doing?!)

Sunday was a day I had promised my sports writer friend who follows the HEAT for the Sun Sentinel here in Broward that I would meet up with he and a group of his friends, including his mother and co-workers for a “birthday brunch”. We met around 12:30pm at Big City on Las Olas and had a great time together! There were two huge tables filled with friends chatting incessantly as if we wouldn’t see each other again until Shandel Richardson’s birthday came again next year! The fun thing about Shandel is that everybody that he knows gets labeled with a “famous sports figure’s” name! He calls me “Eric Dickerson” most of the time though he would agree with the name of “Prime Time” (Deion Sanders) bestowed upon me from some of the guys at the local Publix Supermarket! We even had a guy who looked like Derek Jeter from the Yankees at the table with us! His mother and one of her friends sat with us and enjoyed and contributed to the noisy Sunday birthday brunch for Shandel! It was a blast!!

Do you share your gifts with others? I have had many friends connect with me in times of need and “share” their life’s resources with me. One friend, Lisa Alari, even told me about the job that I’ve had now going on three years at Platinum Marketing Group! We had worked together doing debt settlement until our lives took us in different directions. Hopefully, you can sense by now that not only do I share from the heart, but I suggest that “us humans” make the most of this journey by doing the same! Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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