P O W E R ! !

POWERHappy Friday, All!

I already said mine, as I usually do as soon as my eyes open … T.G.I.F.! Well, the weekend is upon us, depending on what your day is like today. Some folks’ work schedules gives them different “weekend” days, if you will, so maybe we can wish them well, too!

Do you know what “power” is? I mean, each of us may have a slightly different definition, based on our life experiences. But in general, power is something to be respected. Some like others to be in awe of their power, like a politician or a police officer. Maybe a body builder or a person that works with explosives. Wednesday’s piece was addressing the concept of the “spiritual power” of letting go, which takes us to a totally different plane in which to consider “power”. Have you any recollection of “power” themes or slogans in your life?! How about, “Power to the People”?! Maybe “nuclear power”?! How about “Peace Power”?! I am sure that we could go on and on … it would be a great ice breaker activity, just to name some “sources of power”, if you will!

During the “Zimmerman Trial”, I noticed that there were more people reading this blog than usual. I even got a few somewhat intellectual responses that differed from my take on it, which I permitted to be published on the Educational Excellence blog. I mean, people don’t have to always agree with me, nor I with anyone either. Yet, it is worthwhile to have thought out your reply and try to keep it “classy”, at least. Those of us who use “social media” know that you can make just as many enemies as you can make friends when you put your thoughts out there. There are some who will “interpret” your words the way “they” want and others will just attack your thoughts and ideas as if they are “omnipresent rulers of social networking”! Ha! I am sure that throughout modern/contemporary history and events, we can see “the power of the press”, right?! This is when either research, and/or healthy “gut” feelings must enter into the equation so that one is not misled by the press or have some propaganda thrust into your thought process that one is unable to “intellectually digest”, so to speak.

Another juror has spoken out regarding their decision in the Zimmerman case but is afraid for her safety to reveal her identity. I wonder about that because she has been on television news with her “real face” showing but calling herself “Mandy”. Her view point of what led the jury to their decision is indeed intriguing. Well, in the interest of “grass roots” writing and blogging, I offer any of you to do three things: 1) Feel free to respond/reply, as many have already; 2) Go to the blog page and post a comment, which, if it is not too vulgar or tasteless, I permit to be published for all to see; and, 3) Pass me on to friends, family and associates. I am one who sticks to my guns, so to speak, and Educational Excellence is an entity close to my heart and my talents and God-given gifts.

Consider your interpretation of power as we know it. Be prepared to modify it or tailor it. Also be able to accept other types or definitions of power … And please, don’t forget the “power of peace”!

“The lust for power is not rooted in strength but in weakness.” – Erich Fromm

Today, I will let go of my grasping for more. I will let go of it again and again throughout the day so I am not ruled by this weakness. (TOUCHSTONES, July 26)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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