Peace! Be Still!

Peace Be StillGood Monday morning, All!

I trust each of you had a fair weekend, especially if you are able to read this message, as I am able to write it! As this country attempts to adjust to a variety of events that have taken place since last year around this time, it seems (much like when Obama was elected … and then a second time, too!) “people” are coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, to express either a lackadaisical attitude regarding the murder of young Mr. Martin or approval of what Mr. Zimmerman did! I am working hard at “forgiving” Mr. Zimmerman, as it adds to the healing process, and, simultaneously trying to “teach”, so to speak, about what went wrong.

Well, yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my Brahma Kumaris family that are here locally in South Florida. I encourage you, if interested, to look them up. They are a “spiritual world university” whose base is in India. There are many Americans who are members as well as yogis of the organization. There is a facility in New York where workshops training leadership for the group as well as folks from businesses world-wide go there for “retreats” of various designs. While I haven’t been there, I have spoken to and remain in contact with people who have. There was a “World Peace Meditation” held in Arts Park here in Hollywood, FL, which is a beautiful “free” venue. I hadn’t visited Hollywood Blvd. in some time since moving from the neighboring city of Pembroke Pines nearly 5 or 6 years ago. It is beautiful, not to mention the flora and upkeep and maintaining the landscape there in the park. It was quite a fine group of folk who had one thing in mind, not to mention … amongst others, in common – world peace! Sounds overwhelming, right?! Good, because that is exactly what it is. It requires a group effort starting with each individual “spirit” on this planet. There is no “world peace” medication nor class that one can take … it is a movement that begins with each individual seeking it. Hopefully, as I do as often as I can, “your little light will shine”!

The event began with a demonstration of “Qigong”, which focuses on harnessing the natural “chi” energy contained within each human soul. It (chi and components of “qigong”), can be traced as far back as Confucius in his analysis of the human creature. It is also a central part of the martial arts which focuses on that same “chi” energy found in meditation! Believe it … or not! We had a chance to sit in a semi-circle there on the grass (one gent even offered me an extra chair that he had brought with him!) as Ella introduced the program for “World Peace”, followed by an opening comment and meditation from Ganga. A few years back, I had spent a couple of days with Ganga in her home there in Miramar, FL learning about the central concepts of The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University as well as its founder and the origins of the movement there in India. Her talk was quite tranquil as she presented a story of a bird who tried to put out a brush fire by carrying the few drops of water that it could … from the ocean in its beak to the fire. An ‘angel’ viewed the concerned bird and brought a storm to assist the little creature! …. That could be each of us!

Ganga’s talk was followed by a meditation led by Yogi Alex, whom I met several years ago at The Brahma Kumaris Centre in Coral Gables, FL when they gave me an opportunity to talk on my two books aligned with the topic of “Ordinary People Who Are Extra Ordinary”. It was an eye opening experience for me … I thank the organization again. The meditation was filled with silence … peace …. focus …. as the tranquil music coming from the two elevated speakers danced on the evening air intermingled intermittently with Alex’s voice as he led the meditation! I sat in awe at how enthralling and captivating the meditation was. At the end, we made a circle holding hands and finished with several community “oms” which stem from the greeting, “Om Shanti”. I also had a chance to say hello to Roz, a dear friend who keeps me informed of the group’s activities and locations; Meredith Porte who works with WLRN and is a part of this e-mail family (Thanks!); and Etta – also one of the first people whom I met with the group!

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry this same “peace” with you each day, fortified by the power of “chi”?! If you haven’t noticed already, it is something that I personally truly embrace …. and advocate. Peace! Be still!

Om shanti,

John I. Cook, Director

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