Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful WarriorHappy Friday, All!

I would dare to say that most of you are with me to T.G.I.F.! Wow!! It’s been a long week in the aftermath of the “Not Guilty” verdict of George Zimmerman. One more kid, like thirteen, was shot by an elderly white neighbor in Milwaukee who accused the black teen of stealing two of his shotguns!! What?!? The gun toting man waited for the thirteen year old boy to empty the trash, and, as the teen was taking his trash receptacle back with a couple of puppy dogs dancing around him, the old man came out! The boy’s mother, who apparently heard the voices going back and forth, came to the door just in time to see her son chased, run backwards and receive a fatal shot to his body!! The man was found guilty!

While I am “over” hearing the multiple versions of what Trayvon must’ve done as well as attacks on his character and Rachel Jeantel’s character, I do see the need for these conversations that permeate this country and the planet. Just a few years ago, I had come to the conclusion that humans have entered a realm of “self destruction” on many facets of “life” as we know it today. Now, I haven’t traveled ALL over the world, but, from Colombia to England, even Spain and Canada, I have noticed a different temperament amongst the people that live in each area or part of the world. At one point or another, it (life) was being reduced to self destructive tendencies to some degree or another. It’s like “we” are on a collision course with “self destruction” … and some people could care less!

Yesterday was Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday, which he spent in the hospital still recovering from what seems to be a pulmonary infection. I had found a picture of him in his youth dressed in his traditional garb, looking rather stately and somewhat warrior-like. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a plethora of peaceful warriors like Nelson today?! Who are our leaders today and where are they leading us? Can they change the collision course we seem to be on towards “self destruction”? Last night, I watched Anderson Cooper’s program followed by Piers Morgan’s program. Each tried to engage “leaders” in a conversation regarding race and violence and the judicial system in this country. There were a variety of people, including Sabryna and Tracy – Trayvon’s parents; one of the men from the “Central Park 5” – a group of black and hispanic then teens who were coerced into pleading guilty to a rape of a white woman in 1989 jogging in Central Park; as well as a couple of clergy people (one who literally went “nuts” on the program!). A male clergy member accused Trayvon of being a “thug” and called Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson “race pimps” on live television during Piers Morgan’s show! He was an African American male, whom the other guests asked Piers, “Where did you get this guy from?”. Finally, after he had interrupted the other guests multiple times, Piers had to “shut him down”, broadcast journalist style, and finally end the show.

Also included in the line up of the Piers Morgan Show was the sister of Ron Goldman, the man who was slain with OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole, that culminated in the “OJ Simpson Murder Trial”. Kim Goldman said that the problem today is not so much “race” as it is the lack of respect for human life in general. She, too, thought the Zimmerman verdict was accurate, given the facts and information. She did say that she could understand Trayvon’s parents seeking closure through a civil (and possibly, a federal hate crime) case, as her family did. Her final comments were, “We don’t have enough love in the world, that’s all ….” If the weather permits, I will go to Art Park in Hollywood, FL on Sunday at 6:00PM for “World Peace Day” sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University.

When faced with controversies nowadays, won’t we all try to seek to be the “peaceful warrior”?! Have a great day, a wonderful weekend, and thanks so very very much for reading.


John I. Cook, Director

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