The Smear Campaign

smear campaignYes, it’s “Hump Day” again … a bit rainy here in South Florida. You know, the rain helps to cleanse the Earth of the dirt and debris and leaves the terrain with a somewhat fresh feeling, nearly a botanical scent from time to time. Perhaps, that’s what we need after exposing the filth that went into smearing the image of a 17 year old young man whose “family” is much like many average American families.

Have you ever had someone or an institution attempt to “smear” your image … or the image of someone else … like the POTUS Obama? How about the image of an ethnic group? It is a time consuming endeavor to cover up the “truth”! Those with less desire to know the truth, or those with less intelligence and/or energy to distinguish the truth often fall prey to the “smear campaign”, like the one launched by George Zimmerman’s defense team. It can go to the low level that Donald Trump “tried” when he said that Obama did NOT have an American birth certificate!! I mean, some “dummies” actually embraced that as a reason for impeaching or disqualifying President Obama from holding office! How do you think he finished his studies and held office in Illinois, and, of course, submitted the “proper paperwork” to be selected as a candidate of the Democratic Party to run for the office of POTUS?! Trump actually exposed the ignorance of those formerly “closed door” racists as did the Zimmerman verdict for many unsuspecting souls!!

The defense sought to use the “smear technique” to discredit testimonies by people like Rachel Jeantel, even Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon! O’Mara sought to “throw” more debris on “the truth” so that those with less intellectual capacity would not be able to discover it … the truth, that is! Now, Rush Limbaugh wants to use the “n-word” ending in “a” because Rachel Jeantel, a 19 year old Haitian American girl from Miami Gardens, FL and Trayvon Martin used that word in their conversation just before he was murdered by George Zimmerman! Now, here is a clear racist, trying to find leverage to use one of the most offensive terms in American English, as if he is a teenager from Miami Gardens. Most “dummies” won’t see that, while other “dummies” (whom I’ve had my share of encountering) will use the excuse that “they call each other that, why can’t I?!” Some neighborhoods in America have been guarded and protected and more isolated from others so that there is little to no understanding of the life styles that permeate certain neighborhoods. According to juror “B-37”, “George has a good heart. He wanted to get one of those people responsible for the break ins in his neighborhood. He just went a little too far!” That was probably the ONLY statement that this juror, whom four others distanced themselves from, made in her entire interview that displayed “normal human logic”! Peace be still . . . She and her husband’s book deal was also aborted!!

O’Mara and “Knock Knock” ( what a freakin’ idiot! ), who BOTH look like “gate keepers to Hell”, successfully buried the truth and made it nearly impossible for the prosecution to ” … prove without a shadow of a doubt …” that Zimmerman committed 2nd degree murder or manslaughter! In fact, the truth of the matter is that they threw enough “garbage and debris” onto the “truth” that the prosecution was unable to literally “unearth” it!! It’s a game … An outdated law brought into a state, as well as 29 other ones, that has actually precipitated more violence and deaths than it was aimed at eliminating or avoiding!!! With all of the human hostilities and fragile personalities that exist in our “world” today, not only in this country, “stand your ground” has become a law that gives certain people the license to kill. It also gives, as is the case with a black Tampa man who recently shot and killed a white neighbor who was actually reported as trying to take the gun away from the black Tampa man, now jailed and prevented from using “stand your ground” as defense, the courts the right to lock someone up for defending themselves! A black woman who had been subjected to domestic violence for some time who also had an “order of protection” against her abusive husband, merely fired warning shots in her own home so that her abusive husband would let her leave. She was denied the use of “stand your ground” and given a jail sentence of 20 years … and no one died!!! Is this justice … or … as we used to say back in the day of the boycotts of speakers like then Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan at Princeton University … is it “just us”!!??

This case has generated so much criticism, as well as the “use” of “stand your ground”/self defense laws, that US Attorney General Eric Holder has denounced it publically as a troublesome law being used to unjustly “dispose of” members of the African American community … either into a cemetery … or a jail cell! In closing, I can only say that I am proud of the plethora of peaceful demonstrations that oppose the “Not Guilty” verdict rendered in Sanford, FL, and, while I make no excuses for the Oakland, CA near riot due to the historically horrific relationship between the justice system there and the “black community”, I can understand it to a degree. “Stand your ground” has become the core of “legal lynchings” as well as a mechanism to dispose of unwanted African Americans into the stifling penal institutions of this nation. Even Newt Gingrich stated his contempt for the “prison philosophy” during Anderson Cooper’s “AC 360” program last night indicating that it, too, needs to be completely overhauled … believe it, or not!

Have a great Hump Day! Live to learn … and learn to live … in peace!


John I. Cook, Director

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