“Stay Calm … and Stay In Your Car!!”

stay in your carHappy Monday, All!

It may be a difficult time for Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin as well as for many of us who saw that Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY … which is NOT innocent … it is not guilty. Many of us have chosen sides as if this is a game … between two rival teams in our favorite sport. The only difference … and the main one … is people don’t usually lose their lives in a sporting event. Trayvon’s life could not be brought back even if Zimmerman were to have been found guilty. The travesty has already been committed – he was shot through the heart at point blank range … by a self appointed neighborhood watch person … carrying a concealed weapon!!! There are people who were hoping he would walk … and he did!

In my studies of Sociology at Princeton University, I often would surmise that “racism is a mental illness”. People didn’t like (nor believe!) Rachel Jeantel’s testimony thinking that she was a liar since she didn’t go to Trayvon’s wake because she couldn’t bear seeing his body like that. She said she lied to Trayvon’s mother regarding what was actually said by Trayvon in his description of Zim as a “creepy ass cracker” out of respect to a “grown woman”. A racist, yes, I said it, would ignore that “respect” which is a trait of African American cultures (including Haitian or Jamaican) shown to a parent like Sabrina Fulton because they don’t want to curse while speaking with an adult!! If one asked if Zimmerman lied when he said, “You gonna die tonight, Homie!”, which is outdated slang stereotypical jargon for “blacks” maybe 10 years ago (NOBODY says “homie” when you’re going to kill someone!), they (a racist) might respond, “Of course not! He (GZ) wouldn’t lie!” … as if they know him personally. This is a sign of “selective mental illness”!

Example two: George Zimmerman was told, essentially, by the “non-emergency 911 operator”, that he “didn’t need” to follow him. He was also trained by the Sanford “neighborhood watch” specialist via the manual which was published during the trial, “NOT to be a vigilante”, but to call the police. A person with a racist tendency will say, “Oh, the police didn’t do much in the past, as a black teen who had broken into a woman’s home in the same gated community was released from juvenile detention” so, it was okay for George to get out of his car, with a loaded (one in the chamber) 9 mm pistol concealed on his body (like a hunter!) to “see where he (Trayvon) was going”! A person with a racist demeanor can NOT stop and follow directions because, not only does he have a gun, but he feels that he must serve justice – single handedly – on the first person that fits the description of the teen who was released after a short stay in the juvenile detention facility. A racist will say that Trayvon deserved to die … without seeing “why” they feel that way. People with those tendencies are usually people who have had some negative experiences with “black teens” or “being robbed”, and feel a sense of contentment when the vigilante who has murdered a teen with his whole life ahead … who had NOT committed a crime … is set free and found NOT GUILTY. This type of personality hears, “INNOCENT”, without realizing that the defense smeared enough people in their questioning to cast a shadow of doubt (which was already lurking in the feeble mind) that Zimmerman intentionally ignored the suggestion to stay in his car so that he could indeed entrap … and murder … ANYONE he came into contact with that fit that description he had “downloaded” in his mind of a teen criminal!

Yesterday, I streamed the Calvary Chapel Service which had Assistant Pastor Fidel Gomez talking straight from the Bible about the story of Joseph, the young man whose brothers hated him for various reasons. The topic was: “Are you better, or bitter?” He also suggested that probably one of the most noble (and difficult) positions to take is a “peace maker”. One has to rise above the level of animal instinct to seek peace at all costs. Think about this … if George Zimmerman had told the “non-emergency 911 operator” that he had a loaded 9mm concealed on his body, what the operator would’ve told him!? Zimmerman INTENTIONALLY omitted that information because he had already set his goal on trapping, fighting and killing “Trayvon”, who had NOT committed a crime! With all the break ins in that community, NO ONE was ever killed … until George Zimmerman did it! There is a psychology behind having a gun, let alone carrying a concealed weapon, that requires emotional maturity which most people don’t have, including the police officers who “tote” them everyday! One needs special training or “common sense”, which it is clear that Zimmerman had neither.

So, in closing, my hats go off to the multitude of peaceful demonstrators from California to New York to Miami. There is a way bigger picture to focus in on rather than “revenge”, more important values to consider other than thinking that Zimmerman served vigilante justice on “all black teen boys”. George is a sick man, obsessed with killing, who got caught up in the moment of being a self appointed neighborhood watch “vigilante” … and killed an unarmed teen who had NOT committed a crime, but merely tried to save himself from what he perceived to be a stalker. Enjoy your freedom, George Zimmerman, as best you can. Karma is with you … forever!


John I. Cook, Director

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