Obsession Over!

Obssession Over!Happy Friday, All!

While I do remain somewhat “tongue in cheek”, if you will, out of honor and respect for Trayvon’s family, I will dare to suggest that he would want us to T.G.I.F. …. RIP, Young Man!

Most of the nation, even the world, has their eyes on this case there in Sanford, FL. I have always held firm, especially recently, to the concept of “what goes around, comes around”. Many of us humans have adopted the notion that we can fool “karma”. Many of us may not believe in, let alone, share the same definition of “karma”, especially as it pertains to oneself. Go, “hmmmmm”, if you will. I could share “real” stories for days, all the details and “nooks and crannies” and tell you where I noticed “karma” working, or in effect, in my life experiences. It’s no secret . . . it’s like spirituality . . . you have to tune in to it . . . ’cause it’s there.

Sad as it is, I don’t think George Zimmerman realizes what he did. He became so obsessed with “catching a criminal”, whom he had internalized was a “teenaged black male, probably with a hoodie”, that he couldn’t control himself upon seeing “one”. What he actually saw was Trayvon Martin on the way back from the store with Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea to his father’s place in the same development that he lived in. He was the “neighborhood watch” person, trained by a US Air Marshall, son of a man involved at upper levels in the judicial system, though not quite a “judge”, per se. He took courses in litigation, “stand your ground”/self-defense, he took MMA courses, he tried to work out …. yes … and he frequented a gun range. He knocked on a few neighbors’ doors, set up this “watch system” there after taking a course with the City of Sanford’s law enforcement component of neighborhood watch. He did everything he thought that he should do . . . to prepare himself to become the “neighborhood vigilante” . . . in his mind. One thing he lacked was self control. In other words, he became obsessed with “catching a criminal” in his neighborhood. When the lead prosecutor Mr. de la Rionda pointed at him in his closing statement saying, “This man murdered an innocent teen … He needs to be held accountable for what he did!”, Zimmerman shook his head indicating disbelief. Like he said when he heard the voice on the recording, “That doesn’t even sound like me!”, he was surprised to see the image he “presented” even before this case even began. The icing on the cake . . . was indeed the murdering of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Even he, George Zimmerman, didn’t recognize the monster he had become.

I like the way Broward and Miami Dade Counties are preparing for the possibility of a “not guilty” verdict, especially the African American Communities from Sistrunk Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale to those in Miami Gardens, Trayvon’s home community. They are telling folks to voice their opinions . . . but NOT with violence. NOT with the same violence that took Trayvon’s life . . . humbling as it may be. One does NOT have to react to circumstances, but can “act” or respond in a thoughtful manner. Some people don’t nurture that “thoughtful manner”, but instead, fuel their existence with hatred and “one upping” each other as opposed to helping each other along this journey we all share … and have been given by our Creator … called “life”!

Have a great Friday, stay classy . . . and be well!


John I. Cook, Director

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