What’s Inside?

imagesHappy Monday, All!

It’s also the first day of July 2013!! Officially, we are at the half way mark of this year! How are those resolutions going? How about the changes you’ve decided to make in your life that would make it more meaningful? Made any good contributions lately? Volunteered anywhere in the past 6 months? Well, there are six more months ahead to “handle your business”, if you will. This suggestion is as much for me as for anyone else reading this … just saying!

The POTUS and his family have visited South Africa during this time with a new project called “Power Africa”. It comes at a time when South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, struggles through what may be the last days of his life on Earth … peace be still. Yesterday in NYC, the Gay Pride Parade was held, and, according to my daughter, the turn out was tremendous. Some landmark court cases have changed the marriage statutes in many of the states. The Voting Rights Act was recently dismantled by the Supreme Court and that has raised many eyebrows. Another questionable police involved shooting in Miami’s South Beach area on Collins Ave which occurred two Urban Weekend’s ago has one family filing a “wrongful death suit” against Hialeah and Miami Beach Police Departments. The 21 year old Haitian American male hadn’t fired a shot but was accused of hitting an officer with his car after being told to stop.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a beautiful day for me. While feelings of Mandela’s contribution to this world as well as feelings of sympathy for Trayvon Martin and his family as this trial continues found me seeking more spiritual nourishment. So, I streamed Calvary Chapel’s Service at 12:30pm and finished up my house chores afterwards while listening to a blog radio show featuring a singer/songwriter friend, Ms. Ilisa Juried. It was originally aired on Monday night but I wasn’t feeling the best and decided to rest. Ilisa has indeed come a long way, “Baby”! Pastor Bob’s message was “What’s Inside”. He opened his talk by describing the different kinds of people that “go to church” … in other words … illustrating what types of people might be found at Calvary Chapel (or any other church for that matter) as well as their demeanors. It was cool as he demonstrated what an elder might be thinking of some of his topics as well as how a well off woman might feel about some of the bikers that attend Calvary, leather suits and chains and all!

Soon, the talk shifted to what may be inside of each of “us”!? Are we more than the things we garnish our lifestyles with? Could there be something inside … some feelings, some hope, some despair, some pain … that we need to address? His conclusion was that amongst the many things that may be inside, what should be inside is “love”. Some people are motivated by power, slick talking, all the latest fashions and even a good looking body. Yet, the question remains, “what’s inside”? Others may look rather torn and haggard, overweight and unkempt. Yet, their hearts may be full of love and understanding, peace and wisdom. I guess the moral of the story is that “church” people and ANY people should nurture the depth of our souls with healthy emotional feelings for one another … as well as for ourselves. Are you the beautiful woman that wears a screwed up face way too often? Are you the powerful business man who is concerned ONLY with his own well being? Pastor Bob himself used a true story to illustrate how he still needs to learn to handle things calmly upon realizing that he had been ripped off for $5.00 by a “fund raiser”/pan handler using the name of God to highlight a phony program that he claimed he was accepting contributions for. Nobody is perfect!

Here’s to wishing you all a happy First Day of July as well as a wonderful July 4th on Wednesday!


John I. Cook, Director

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