The Controversy of “Hating”

funninHappy Friday, Everyone!

Yes, of course, we can T.G.I.F!!! I am certainly glad the weekend has arrived. How about you? Hopefully, you are, too!

It is summer time, most schools are out and the fun begins for the school kids! I remember one summer taking mini courses at Iona College in New Rochelle to complete my Master’s Degree in Education, which was required by the State of New York to keep my job as a teacher there. Now, if you are a Miami HEAT fan, you may be still excited for their second NBA Championship – “Back to Back”. If you are not a fan of that team, or LeBron James, you may not be so happy. But do you have to “hate” him or the team? Why do people “hate” others anyway? Are you … or is one … any better than someone who hates a gay or lesbian person? How about an African American or Jewish person? Do you know how to “harness your hate”? This is a critical juncture for the human being, because hate is a powerful emotion that often consumes the “hater” themselves … and can lead to catastrophic behavior if not checked!

Now, me for example, I don’t care for drug dealers … I have my reasons. I also am not too fond of “racists” … peace be still. Yet, I do not go out of my way to look for either of the two to let them know how much I “dislike” them, and I simultaneously hope that people who do “care” for such types have the ability to know why …

Would you hate LeBron James if he played for the team that you like? Would you hate him if he were YOUR SON? Answer honestly, if possible. What are the effects of “hating” on the hated? Do you think they have an easy time with such a barbaric emotion being thrust in their direction multiple times daily. Hating is something that the haters themselves MUST take a closer look at. I could go on … and on … and on! Yet, at this juncture, I would like to wish LeBron James and the rest of the HEAT team a hearty congratulations. I was born in New York and I still have a New York Knicks Jersey in my closet with my name on the back, “J. I. Cook”, and I enjoy the glances I get from time to time when I wear it to the local supermarket or to the beach here in Ft. Lauderdale. Yet, no one grabs me nor starts to yell nasty things to me. It is now 18 years that I have been living in South Florida and I do indeed support the HEAT Basketball Organization because of the simple fact that I live here, and, I like the things they do in the community.

Many less stable individuals may not respond as LeBron did when he received the MVP Award last night … especially if they had let all the “hate” get under their skin. While we are very similar to the Romans, we must try not to allow ourselves to destroy ourselves and our civilization, if you will. We don’t have to like someone … or a color … or a food … or a flower. But do we have to “hate” it? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

Have a great day, don’t hate … especially yourselves … and try to live in peace with one another!


John I. Cook, Director

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