“Live In The Moment . . .”

Live in the Moment

Happy Hump Day, All!

Life is full of surprises, some we may have never anticipated, other “surprises” we simply thought we could avoid or control! Very interesting us humans are! Often, in those moments of surprise, we are forced to rethink something we had become so passionate about.

Those of you who know me also know that sports have been an important aspect of life for me. Since I was a “kid” growing up in the Winbrook Projects, I was always curious about people … people working together, people playing together and people simply helping people. It was pretty much my brother who showed me how to play basketball, RIP – Henry Charles Cook. No one taught me how to play but I did indeed learn how to play. Now I could naturally run fast, jump high and had a certain amount of agility that drove me to embrace the sport of basketball more than any other team sport. I ran track, too, the hundred yard dash (anybody remember when the distances were measured in yards?), the relays … even the infamous “220”. And yes, I was a sprinter, and, though I ran cross country for years, I was not an avid distance runner. What were your favorite sports growing up? How about today?

Most of us also enjoy the “spectator sport” … just watching a game being played by others. Some of us are even “fans” while others become “fanatics”, if you know what I mean. We of the modern day world are much like the ancient Romans were in terms of filling stadiums to watch others compete both physically and mentally, and, often to their deaths. Nowadays, we monitor sports like boxing and hockey to make sure that no one gets killed! Many athletes of different sports train and condition like nothing most of us have ever heard of nor done in our lives. They are professional athletes the same way that some of us may be professional doctors or lawyers, accountants or engineers … or teachers even. If a person has been around a sport long enough or any other profession, they know a lot more about it, and themselves, than any “spectator”. Sometimes, spectators cross the line between being a sports fan and a “fanatic”. For example, we all know that there are many teams, and that spectators generate billions of dollars by purchasing jerseys and pictures, hats and flags, even getting haircuts and having nails done or tattoos to represent their favorite team. Some people actually get crazy about this spectator sport, shouting nasty words, talking so negative to others who may live in a particular town or city where a good (or not so good) team is located. The latter, I would describe as a fanatic. And the funny thing is, many fanatics have “NO AFFILIATION” to or with the team that they “hate” or “love” … its a very Roman, nearly semi-barbaric thing that they like to engage in. Okay, I think you may catch my drift.

Have you ever been counted out of something? It is not the best feeling. Yet, over time and experience, and learning to live in the moment as if it were your very last … moments you want to remember or cherish in a very fond way … we can always be sure to count ourselves “in” on this gift of the human experience. Let no one from no where for any reason ever count you out. Conversely, be sure not to embrace counting someone else out of something that YOU never gave them in the first place! As Coach Spoelstra of the Miami HEAT stated last night when reporters asked him a barrage of questions, “just live in the moment …”

Be well!

John I. Cook, Director

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