That’s Just Right!

That's Just Right!Happy Monday, All!

You might ask, “What’s so happy about it?” Well, if you are not “feeling it”, roll over and go back to sleep … or whatever you might deem more appropriate, hopefully wake up tomorrow and see how things are going for you! Of course, I am being a bit sarcastic just to try to illustrate that one would be one more day “behind” in life, and, another precious day of this gift of life will be wasted on selfishness.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and, I had my own little worries going on as I had hoped for a communication from my only child, my daughter – Ayanna Lynne. We are both unique people in that we were separated at a time in her life when she may have been too young to understand the “drama” that was going on between me and her mother. Now, I don’t blame anyone for my shortcomings but I also do NOT accept the blame for someone else’s shortcomings or short-sightedness. Own your own trouble … I’ve got enough of my own, you dig?! Yet, her mother and I were “the parents” … and she was the little 4 year old girl … peace be still. The nights became endless and the years passed by with sporadic contact between us, always monitored or filtered so she would see me in a certain light! As I struggled with the heart-break, my demons began to circle closer … It was a very challenging situation. Certain songs made me cry as I tried to move on with my life with another woman. That, too, ended in a failure. Yet, she remains my only child.

So upon waking up yesterday and having visited my Post Office Box on Saturday, I decided to check my mail here at the apartment complex where I live. I had just finished streaming Calvary Chapel where “Dr. Bob” of Sheridan House in Hollywood, FL, a place for single parent women to get on the right track, was talking about “second chances” and making them count. In my mailbox was a large postal envelope with another envelope inside it, which had a beautifully worded card inside. It was the coolest, smoothest most touching card I have received in my life – it was a Father’s Day card from my little “Squeezy” aka Ayanna Lynne … I sat there for moments which turned into maybe a half hour … just looking at the card and re-reading it. I was grateful that one of my earliest relationships in my young adult life was not lost …

There were many who sent me Father’s Day wishes as well as many whom I sent them on to. It was a nice day … rather warm and humid outside … so I hunkered down inside and had a very spiritual Father’s Day alone. My sister had called me like at 8am asking me how I was, why I wasn’t up yet, and if I had heard from my daughter. I told her it was only 8am and I was still in bed and hadn’t heard from her …

Well, sometimes some things are just right …. not too cold … not too hot … but just right! Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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