Feeling Full

feeling fullHappy Hump Day, All!

Yes, it is Wednesday … middle of the week … also known as “Hump Day”, similar to the hump on the camel’s back! There is a GEICO commercial that has a camel walking around an office asking everybody what day it is … on Wednesday! Not only does the camel talk … he’s got the coolest voice! So, have a great Hump Day … ya hear?!

How do you feel when you are “full”? You may already be thinking that I am talking about with food, right?! It is usually uncomfortable to over eat … or … eat until you are full. Well, I want to flip the script a little here and talk about being full of “life”, perhaps, spirituality. How might that feel? It should feel good … at least, that’s how I feel. Now, it may be different than being full of “things” like food … or money … or power … even success! In fact, that’s when we call a person “successful”! That’s cool, right?!

Well, here of late, I have been feeling full in a spiritual way. I’ve got a lot “on my plate”, so to speak, just handling “life on life’s terms”. My bank account is not full, nor is my refrigerator! My closet is full of clothes, though I haven’t purchased much lately, given my budget and responsibilities. But I feel good … inside! I know that I am doing my best, and I make fewer “mistakes” as I continue to grow spiritually. There is indeed a correlation between the two … for me. Now, life happens to each of us, make no mistake about that. And, bad things happen to good people, too! Consider the story of Jesus … and maybe some people you may know. The more I live, the more I learn that it is not so much what happens to you … or me … it is how we handle it that counts!

Feeling spiritually full for me means I am full of peace, of love … of compassion … even comradery. I want to be a positive influence in my own life … and others that I come in contact with. I want to shine my tiny light on their life and let others know that there is such a thing as being “spiritually full”. So, no matter what happens, we can handle it in a peaceful spiritual way! So be it!

Have a great day!


John I. Cook, Director

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