“Don’t Do That?”

Don't do thatHappy Monday, All!

Can you say, “Top o’ the mornin’!”, with me?! Just keeping things lighthearted for the introduction today. Happy Birthday to Maurice Sendak, illustrator and writer of children’s books. Thanks for leaving a wonderful legacy for us to enjoy! How were your weekends? I am hoping that “The Great Spirit” found each of us well. Saturday was a day of remembrance for my good friend, Peter Zachary (RIP), as I visited one of our regular hang outs in Ft. Lauderdale on the beach called Drunken Taco. We all, including his wife and his son, his sisters and any combination of friends, used to go there to watch whatever sporting event that was being aired. From the inside of the restaurant/bar, one has a bird’s eye view of the Atlantic Ocean, which was absolutely scrumptious on Saturday afternoon! As I said, it was a day of remembrance for me … just going by and having a ginger ale with my good friends that work there – “C.J.”, Alayna and Ryan – and chatting a bit about “Me and Petey”! It was upliftingly cool!

Well, we are entering the week of jury selection for probably one of the most heinous modern day crimes committed here in Florida, though there are many … peace be still. Trayvon Martin’s death now is a little over a year. Each time I hear about it, it leaves me a bit nauseas to think that something so simple went so far out of control. I mean, when I was a child … and someone said, “Don’t do that!”, it was clearly a strong message being sent that something I was doing was wrong and was going to cause a problem. So, how am I to consider that George Zimmerman didn’t have an ulterior motive in ignoring the “911” operator’s request for him: “Are you following him?” Zimmerman answered, “Yeah”. “Okay, we don’t need you to do that!” Why … I repeat … WHY did Zimmerman continue to follow Trayvon, who carried ONLY Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea in his hands? According to Zimmerman, when he first called “911”, he said: “I don’t know … he’s got something in his hands … I don’t know what it is … but this guy is up to something.” How often do we say what someone ELSE is “up to” or doing when it is really US who is up to something?! How many times when you were told … as a CHILD … NOT to do something, did we do it anyway? Any repercussions?

So, now, the defense is trying to say that it was Zimmerman calling … no … screaming like a wild animal … for help!? Why would a man who is carrying a concealed 9mm weapon who was TOLD not to follow someone else be screaming for help?! I mean, how much of this charade is the legal system willing to entertain on the part of this psychopathic, racial profiling, child killing cowardly liar? The Chief of Police there in Sanford, FL stepped down shortly after the situation was exposed that Zimmerman was released with NO CHARGES after Trayvon’s body was taken into custody … and Zimmerman claimed he was, “standing his ground”. American people are sending money to Zimmerman’s lawyers for legal fees after he kills an unarmed teen. Yet, some American people want to see justice done for the “Movie Massacre” assailant as well as the “Sandy Hook Massacre”.

While jury selection begins today, I hope and pray that the doors of “truth” get thrown open on this case. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if my own teen-aged child went to the store for snacks … and never came back! How about you?


John I. Cook, Director

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