No Shortcuts in Life!!!

shortcuts to lifeHappy Friday, All!

As is in order today, the last day of the workweek … for me anyways, T.G.I.F.! I am hoping your weeks have been productive for each of you as a person as well. Now, some of us may not be able to distinguish between our “work” selves and our “personal/spiritual” selves, if you will. It is one of those phenomena that we who live in a work-oriented, “what do you have”, very status driven society often come face to face with. A “true” and healthy life should involve one being able to balance family and friends, work and enjoyment, social and private lives … all together! You think? Sounds pretty challenging, and, in fact, it is!

Most of us spend our lives seeking “success”. How would you define success? May we not forget the many “successful” people who have wanted to take their lives, like 15 year old Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson’s “daughter”). Of course, many of us are familiar with “successful” people who have taken their lives … juxtaposed with the many “successful” people who had to work hard to get to where they are (or were) in life who have NOT tried to kill themselves! I am sure there are many! Is there a shortcut to success … or life even? Here in Florida, Zephyr Hills to be exact, an 84 year old woman recently won the lotto with a “Quick Pick” ticket that she got after another woman let her in front of her in the lotto line at a Publix Supermarket there. It is the second largest winning jackpot in the history of the Lotto Game – a little under half a billion dollars after taxes! What makes a person’s life “successful”? Is there a universal definition? I think not! Defining oneself … as well as defining ones own idea of success … and having those two be as close to each other as possible, might be a good way to handle achieving success!

As a kid growing up in a somewhat suburban/rural city of White Plains, NY, we walked to school – yes, elementary for a few years until bussed, then “junior high school” (now middle school) – and often sought “shortcuts” through someone’s yard, or a field … or a few streets to make our journey shorter. Are there any shortcuts in life? How about a shortcut to a “successful” life? Just something to think about, as I have on many occasions … sometimes daily.

“A shortcut is often the quickest way to some place you weren’t going.” – Classic Crossword Puzzles

Have a wonderful weekend, folks, and be leery of those seeming “shortcuts”!


John I. Cook, Director

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